What we're about

What if we could unlock the hidden symbolic languages of places through sensory artmaking...?

Hello! -- welcome to Embodied Ecologies! You are invited to be part of a place-based, process-oriented collaborative arts adventure.

Our intention: To explore how the human body can be an antenna / medium through which the hidden dynamics of natural ecosystems can be translated into works of art, potentially revealing the symbolic languages of places.

The process: Working on the same site (TBD) over an extended period (several months to a year+) we'll employ a variety of sensory practices to tune into the surrounding landscape, slowly adapting our nervous systems to the specifics of the local ecology while getting to know the place's subtle dynamics and seasonal moods. Working across a variety of creative media (broadly defined, including music, movement, drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, installation art, film, poetry...), collaborating members will be invited to generate and share works of art, with a special focus on works that seem to capture something of the "essence" of the place.

As these expressive forms accumulate into a collective body of work, we'll investigate whether any recurrent themes, forms, or symbols emerge, potentially revealing a proto "symbolic vocabulary of place." Over time, it's anticipated (based on past projects) that these emerging forms and symbols will eventually organize into a living narrative -- one that connects artists, artworks, embodied experience, and ecology together in a multifaceted, participatory constellation.

Combining art + science: As a complement to the creative aspects of this work, we'll also draw on recent research in neuroscience, cognitive science, embodied cognition, chronobiology, place attachment, and other scientific disciplines to gain additional insight into the conversation occurring within and between living body-minds and living ecologies.

The (future) team: The hope is that a core crew will eventually form, creating lots of opportunities for creative collaboration and cross-pollination. That said, drop-ins to individual events are also always welcome!

The backstory: For more info on the inspiration for this meetup and some additional readings, click here: https://www.meetup.com/Embodied-Ecologies/messages/boards/

Thanks! Looking forward to delving and creating with you!



Landing page photo is from the Lost Gardens of Heligan (http://heligan.com/), Cornwall, UK.

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