Discover Aikido - Intro for People with Parkinson's

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Aikido is a modern, non-competitive, Japanese martial art. The movements of aikido are generally smooth and fluid. Circles and spirals predominate in the techniques. The founder of the art, Morihei Ueshiba, said the aim of Aikido is “to unify the mind and body and to promote peace, harmony, and cooperation among all beings.”

The Birankai style of aikido emphasizes self-transformation through the cultivation of five specific qualities. As we practice, we strive to be centered, connected, whole, lively, and open. These qualities are fostered in our empty-hand practice and weapons training (sword and jo staff handling).

Why is Aikido a good match for People with Parkinson’s?

Aikido practice is a good match for people with Parkinsons Disease because it includes so many of the components recommended to address typical PD constraints.

Aikido includes:

- Big flowing movements, weight shifts, turning, footwork, whole body motion.
- Spinal extension, opening of the chest, full breathing exercises, large arm movements, stretching and strengthening movements resulting in improved posture and stronger legs.


Location is Parkinson's Resources of Oregon,
8880 Southwest Nimbus Avenue #B
Beaverton, OR 97008

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