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What we're about

Power is something you can do, not just a feeling. And this is a space for women to get really practical tools for self-fulfilment, power, self-expression and following of your desires.

Sharing, educating and informing about a variety of themes that we women are concerned about, and as many of the issues that women face in life are shared by many others, I believe that approaching them as a group is a great way to deal with them. And learning about power together in order to be powerful is a great thing to do, that today's world so much needs!

I am a polymath artist and activist. I have 25 years of teaching practice, mentoring and dealing with difficult people and situations and now have put together all my skills and training (including power dynamics and verbal defence) in order to support women and to have a lot of fun on the way!

Topics and workshops will include: verbal self-defence, power at work, power dynamic, colour analysis, balance your relational dynamics, our relationship with desire, power with people, body image and tasty enjoable food.

Although the base of this group is in Richmond Upon Thames, activities can take place in many parts of London and Surrey.

What do you desire?

(This group is inclusive of Cis and Trans women).

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The invisible streams of Power Dynamics

Online event

The flux of power and power exchange is everywhere. It is in a conversation, it is in the way employees relate to bosses and to each other, it’s the way humans and animals organise their societies.
We might not always be aware of how the energy moves and how those dynamics operate, and not noticing it can put us in a position where it’s harder to make decisions or to know where to go if we don’t know what’s going on.

Do you relate to this?

We will discuss power dynamics and how we are all involved in them, how to make them visible to us and how to enjoy making the most of the fact that we DO realize that goes on!

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Your voice, Your presence

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