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Emergent Village is a vision for the practice of Emergent Dialogue, ultimately within a community of interdependence and daily sangha. Emergent Dialogue is a mutual inquiry into what's arising now, a shift in how we perceive and speak, a shift from Evaluation to Emergence using teachable skills of presence. Operating from Emergence, the felt meaning is kept primary while strategies, theories, and philosophies are allowed but kept secondary. We speak FROM experience, not ABOUT it, and we presence each other to support that which is arising. Because the language and institutions of our culture are so deeply rooted in a Story of Separation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFO9mcAHEFQ), we need daily community and interdependence in order to sustain this shift. From Emergence we can unleash the creativity and care necessary to establish a sustainable, equitable, and beautiful world.

We start with Introductory Group Classes and Personal Sessions to build specific skills of presence derived from NVC (Nonviolent Communication (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-129JLTjkQ)) and Focusing (https://www.amazon.com/Focusing-Eugene-T-Gendlin/dp/0553278339#ace-g1718613308) (Eugene Gendlin). Second, while maintaining an exploratory container, we practice presencing each other and finding next steps around a personal issue. Thirdly, we can gather to explore societal themes such as ecological collapse, racial trauma, and economic oppression, thereby discovering creative next steps.

Experience in meditation, Nonviolent communication, or Focusing is a plus, but not necessary. Once you've experienced an introduction, you may be invited to a 12-week series of thematic exploration, and which may include weekly telephone partnerships occurring between each group session.

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Emergence Boot Camp - Focusing (2nd Class in a Series)
Emergence Boot Camp - NVC (1st class of 3)

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