What we're about

Emerging technologies are taking the world by storm. These technologies are demanding the improvement of current global systems, as well as the formation of new ones. Governments and legal bodies across the globe are organizing around these topics, and in some places solid regulations are emerging. However, we are approaching the horizon of increasingly borderless systems, and with this, the opportunity for individuals to become global agents like never before.

This group is designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and discovery about emerging technologies, and their regulation across the globe. It brings legal, government, and policy professionals to the global discussion on emerging technologies, aiming to support the development of technology toward a sustainable future.

Topics This Group Will Cover

• Governance and Regulation of Emerging Technologies

• Legislating Technology and Legal Systems to Learn From

• Decentralized Technologies (e.g. blockchain)

• Self Sovereign & Digital Identities

• Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

• Autonomous Vehicles

• Virtual and Augmented Reality

• Bioengineering

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Past events (10)

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Confronting the Legal and Ethical Issues of AI in Business

Osgoode Professional Development Centre

Global Legal Hackathon | 2018

Global Hosts in Major Cities World-Wide

Legaltech Hackathon

Neesons, TD North Tower

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