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International Trade & Decentralized Technologies
With recent NAFTA negotiations ... wait... we mean USMCA negotiations, and the rise of use cases for decentralized technologies in international trade, why not get together and wrangle these topics? Here we are! This meetup will focus on blockchain governance and its role in international trade. Worth mentioning: you'll have the opportunity to hash out all your qualms with the afore mentioned negotiations, with like-minded, and perhaps not so like-minded, fellow Torontonians. Here's a good primer article to get the steam engine rolling: It is being hosted by, a Toronto head quartered blockchain company focused on giving billions the opportunity to manage their own legal portfolio. Members of their team will be sharing insights from various projects they're working on, as well as giving the low down on blockchain governance globally. Agenda: 6:30pm Getting the discussion stirred up. Meet and Greet. 6:45pm Begin! Topic Introduction and Organization Shoutouts 7:00pm Demand for better systems of trade & Current Issues 7:25 Solving the problems with Blockchain technology & Use Cases 7:40 Group discussion and Mingle 8:00 We're all done!

10 Dundas East, Level 3

10 Dundas St E · Toronto, ON

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    Emerging technologies are taking the world by storm. These technologies are demanding the improvement of current global systems, as well as the formation of new ones. Governments and legal bodies across the globe are organizing around these topics, and in some places solid regulations are emerging. However, we are approaching the horizon of increasingly borderless systems, and with this, the opportunity for individuals to become global agents like never before.

    This group is designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and discovery about emerging technologies, and their regulation across the globe. It brings legal, government, and policy professionals to the global discussion on emerging technologies, aiming to support the development of technology toward a sustainable future.

    Topics This Group Will Cover

    • Governance and Regulation of Emerging Technologies

    • Legislating Technology and Legal Systems to Learn From

    • Decentralized Technologies (e.g. blockchain)

    • Self Sovereign & Digital Identities

    • Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

    • Autonomous Vehicles

    • Virtual and Augmented Reality

    • Bioengineering

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