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Emerging Technology Community – Mumbai is for dedicated tech professionals residing in Mumbai. We have formed this group for like-minded tech aficionados who wish to keep themselves updated on Emerging Technology trends.

Get firsthand knowledge, news, insights, innovations, developments, skills, and upgrades, and much more all related to AI, Machine Learning, Bigdata, Analytics, IoT, Cloud, DevOps, opensource, and so on across the Emerging Technology Community – Mumbai.

We promise to host meetups, webinars, workshops, events in Mumbai revolving around Emerging Technology. So, make sure you join in and be a proactive member. Through the Emerging Technology Community – Mumbai, you can evolve as a Future Ready Emerging Technologist!

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Live session on “Build modern apps with .NET 6”

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Do connect us for the session on Emerging Technology “Build modern apps with .NET 6”
This webinar helps you to get an insight into the new .NET 6 framework and the C# language upgrades. You will get to know the breaking changes made to the framework and the support of Visual Studio 2022 to build modern apps with the AI-enabled UI and Hot reload. And will also come to know about the Azure cloud services that can host the new .NET 6 apps.

o Release updates for .NET
o C# 10 language improvements
o Features added in .NET 6
o Support for Visual Studio 2022
o Web stack and Minimal APIs
o Upgraded project templates
o Cloud development with .NET 6 and Azure

Submit your #FREE entry here: https://forms.office.com/r/FV3cvH0h0A

Note: Registration is mandatory to attend the session.

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Microservices development with AWS and .NET 6

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