What we're about

This group is for ambitious women like you, who want to reach new levels of productivity, build confidence, and stay calm and present along the way.

Our gatherings are a place where you can be unapologetically ambitious, purposeful AND spiritual. Where we come together with intention to give voice to our individual and collective dreams, find the encouragement to start chasing them, and apply our personal power to bring them to life.

This is our time, your time for self mastery -- having conscious control over our thinking, how we make decisions and take action, how we show up in the world, and how we handle challenges and obstacles.

When we master ourselves we claim our personal power, the thing that’s required to bring your career and life into its fullest expression...

And in turn you…

...stop waiting for other people, things and places to change and give ourselves permission to take the reigns in our lives

...shake off the self-doubt and internal resistance and take bold, confident action that leads to next-level results
...stop focusing on or being sidetracked by the things that are of least importance to your career or life goals and start creating fresh, forward motion.

...stop wishing, hoping and praying that things work out, and instead move forward boldly and confidently into the woman you were created to be...

...stop kissing the ring of someone or something outside of yourself. Stop waiting for approval to do the thing that’s gonna get you that promotion, new client or more balance, and start doing the things that are a little scary but will definitely get you the results you want

...let go of feeling guilty or selfish for taking care of yourself and begin claiming space and time just for you

...let go of taking care of everyone else’s problems so you can give time and attention to the stuff that matters to your heart and soul
...stop the cycle of playing small or waiting to be recognized for your contributions, and start owning your worth, demonstrating your innovativeness, and having people acknowledge your value

If any of this resonates with you, join us!

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