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The search for meaning in our lives never ends, and we all need company on the journey. Join us at Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church for opportunities to learn and to share your story. We have programs on Sunday morning and beyond, ranging from current events to sacred texts to ethical eating. We invite people of all races, ethnicity, ages, gender identities, and sexual orientations to join the conversation.

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Folk Dancing \ Request Dancing

First Unitarian Universalist Church


Houston International Folk Dancers (http://www.folkdancers.org/) is a recreational group that dances a wide variety of ethnic folk dances from around the worldFriday evenings. Visitors welcome, no partner needed. Admission is $5. Park on the street or in the lot behind the church. NOTE: Occasionally we must relocate for a Friday session, so best to check ([masked]) first if you are not regularly in touch. . Founded in 1947, HIFD (http://www.folkdancers.org/)is a not-for-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of ethnic dance from around the world. Primarily a recreational group that meets twice weekly, HIFD (http://www.folkdancers.org/)also stages folk dance performances for events and festivals throughout the calendar year. HIFD (http://www.folkdancers.org/)membership is open to all, and currently numbers about seventy-five, including a pool of approximately 20 dancers who are active in public performances. The group’s repertoire includes more than 300 dances from 39 countries, with emphasis on those of Europe, the Middle East, and Mediterranean areas. While some performances present a mixture of dances and costumes from various countries, others focus on a single ethnic theme. Local folk dance teachers well-versed in many ethnic traditions provide teaching at the occasional HIFD (http://www.folkdancers.org/)folk dance workshops, in which participants can request what they would like to have taught or reviewed. In addition, our statewide counterpart, Texas International Folk Dancers (http://www.tifd.org/), sponsors a four-day workshop each year during the Thanksgiving holidays, and the weekend-long San Antonio Folk Dance Festival (http://safdf.org/index.html) in March at Spring Break. These give HIFD (http://www.folkdancers.org/)members even more exposure to internationally known folklorists, teachers and musicians. HIFD (http://www.folkdancers.org/)welcomes the opportunity to bring song, dance and music from other cultures to interested parties, and hopes that by so doing, we help preserve the uniqueness of the individual cultures as well as promote peace among all ethnicities.

Volunteers Needed - Rebuilding Together Houston

Needs a location

Time to strap on your tool belts .. Emerson UU's 61st Rebuilding Together Houston project is almost here and our house has been assigned! There are many ways to help and you don't have to be a master carpenter to make a big difference! Sign Up: http://rebuildinghouston.force.com/volunteers/CrewList Select the Emerson UU Crew, complete the intake form and then select the day(s) you wish to work. Even if you already signed up in the Gathering Place at church, we still need you to do this step. If you have any issues signing up, please contact Jane at [masked]. Dates: Saturdays of October 19th and 26th (either day or both) – Rain or Shine! Times: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (partial days are welcome) Munchies: Water, soft drinks, snacks and lunch will be provided What to Wear/Bring: Must wear closed-toe shoes and clothing that you do not mind getting paint on. We also recommend bringing a hat, work gloves (very important), sunscreen and bug spray. We work rain or shine, so if it is raining please bring a rain poncho and rain boots if you have them. If you have a short or tall ladder, please bring it! Please label all personal tools that you bring.

Farmers Market - Urban farms for Houston (Small Businesses for Refugees)

Memorial Villages Farmers Market

Every Saturday from 9 to 1, rain or shine. Bring your family and learn how you can get your hands on local produce! www.plant-it-forward.org (http://www.plant-it-forward.org/). Plant It Forward Farms (http://plant-it-forward.org/) provides fresh, seasonal produce for Houston. All of our food is free of chemical pesticides and is freshly picked for sale at local farmers markets. We offer the fruits and vegetables that you grew up with, as well as our farmer’s favorite produce from their homelands around. the world. One of the most important ways that you can support Plant It Forward Farms is to buy our produce. Not only does it support hard working refugee farmers, our local economy, and the creation of green space in Houston; you are also buying some of the freshest fruits and vegetables in the city, all grown without the use of chemicals or GMOs. Our farmers are selling at Urban Harvest’s Eastside Farmers Market (http://plant-it-forward.org/our-produce/farmers-markets/), through Farm Share subscriptions (http://plant-it-forward.org/our-produce/farm-share/), at farm stands (http://plant-it-forward.org/our-produce/farm-stands/), and to chefs (http://plant-it-forward.org/our-produce/for-chefs/)through the Houston area. Urban farms for Houston (http://plant-it-forward.org/) partners with social and religious groups to provide land and tools to refugees who settle in Houston with few other skills besides farming. Refugees receive a year’s training at a model farm, as well as additional business assistance to help sell their produce through farmers markets, farm stands, farm shares and restaurant sales. A portion of each success helps provide opportunities for future refugees, and our replicable model can easily be scaled to support hundreds of urban farms throughout the city and beyond. Through Plant It Forward Farms (http://plant-it-forward.org/), refugees can become active and contributing citizens that help Houston realize its potential as a leader in sustainable living. The goal for November’s collections is to purchase a tiller, to help the farmers prepare the gardens for winter crops. Kassy Rodriguez, Farm Share Manager will share what’s happening at the farms this fall and how to buy a share of the produce. A tour of the farms is planned for November 15, and we hope to participate in a work day at one of the farms. To learn more about the farmers and farms, see www.plant-it-forward.org (http://www.plant-it-forward.org/) or stop by the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market on Eastside.

Tai Chi - Traditional Yang Style Short Form

First Unitarian Universalist Church

Intended for serious relaxation, this class concentrates on creating and moving Chi/Qi (vital force) through meditation while moving. Jon Naylor teaches the traditional Yang Style short form with martial arts references. Beginners are encouraged to arrive early for personal instruction.

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