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A self-help group to become emotionally intelligent, stable and resilient. To know that whatever we're experiencing, we're not alone. To pick up skills so that we can better deal with stress, anger, anxiety, etc.

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Relationships: Heart Connections

157 Mei Ling Street

When asked what we think about a person, the response will come from the head. When asked how we feel about a person, I'd expect an answer from the emotional center, the heart. However sometimes I get a confused look like “I already answered your question the first time” ... Ummm We think about everything, including our feelings. Whether a person is thinking about feeling calm or is actually experiencing it, it's easy to tell when looking at their heart rate variability (hrv) pattern; a bit like a lie detector and loads of fun to watch. Our hearts are constantly sending out signals that we may be totally unaware of. These broadcasts are received internally within our own systems, and may also be picked up by others. It's important to understand this process and use it to: -> manage our own emotional well being, -> create positive, sustainable relationships, -> navigate difficult ones. This is an interactive sharing event. Do join us! Disclosure Most of the material comes from The HeartMath Solution. I loved the book, trained in this system in 2003 and successfully incorporated it into my counselling practice in Melbourne. Now retired, I continue to be passionate about emotional health and am happy to share all information so that your learning curve doesn’t have to be as steep as mine was.

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EQ with Heart

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