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Emotional Intelligence is your ability to understand your emotional and mental state and why you act & react to life situation. The deeper your understanding of self, the more control you acquire of your emotional well being. This group teaches a vast range of classes to increase your emotional awareness, heal your past, strengthen your future and become fiercely self reliant.

★ Increase your Emotional Intelligence ★ Reclaim control of your thoughts - Feelings & Actions/Reactions

★Empower your mind

★ Fuel your life from the inside out!

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Rebels Dream Bigger 2020



We’ve got you girl… Join your rebellion leaders; Bonnie Kelly & Jillian Bolanz on their quest to spark joy in the hearts and souls of every women. Too long have we worn a mask. Too long we have pretended we are fine. Too long have we denied ourselves of joy. We’ve teamed together to help women just like you step into their truest selves. Through our Full Spectrum Coaching Method we will guide you beyond your limitations and into the fullest expression of who you are. It’s time to stop shrinking and dream bigger sister. Join us as we lead the way back to your purpose, passion and personal power. We have speakers joining us from all over the world! Some of them include: Tory Dube - Life Coach, healer, Super-Connecter and manifesting magician Tory knows the importance of being in flow. Learn to drop the hustle, grind, push, ‘make it happen’ mindset and insert love, divine guidance, self-confidence and unbelievable opportunities. Joining us from San Diego, Tory is an expert at teaching women to embrace their inner Leadership both in business and in life regardless of your past. @ToryDoobs Kari Keating - Business coach, Clarity Specialist, Podcaster and Mama to 3, Kari is no stranger to the importance of walking in purpose, on purpose. Flying in from SD this beautiful soul will be taking the stage to help you GET clear and very intentional with your purpose. This girl is passionate about helping women create a fulfilling life while making the impact they crave and the income they deserve. @karikeating Erica Ballard - These days with so much mixed information surrounding healthy we all need a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach like Erica on our side. Learning to end the ongoing battle we women face with our bodies, food and nutrition, Eric helps make aligning health simple. Flying in from IL this spunky soul sister will not only have you laughing but thinking about your health in a different light. @EricaBallardHealth Rachel Adams Lee - International Speaker, Real Estate Powerhouse, Coach & Mama, Rachel Lee is known for incredible success and them importance your self-worth plays in it. Your worth is directly connected to your ability to succeed, have the friends, relationship, opportunities, bank account, health and so much more. Join this local favorite as she guides you to elevates your self-worth & your dreams! @RachelAdamsLee You will learn... Secret #1 Learn how to remove the mask of inauthenticity that has kept you from your TRUTH so that the TRUE YOU confidently shines through. Secret #2 Unveil the perceptions and behaviors that are secretly robbing you of your joy so that you can reclaim your happiness for good. Secret #3 Remove the inner blocks that are keeping you from your dreams so that you can finally step into the greatest expression of you! Secret #4 Learn how to reconnect with the version of YOU that has been stuffed down, tuned out and ignored so that you can ignite your passion. Secret #5 Unleash your hidden personal power and thrive in all aspects of live: Personal, Business, Relationships, Finances, and Health! Secret #6 Learn from some of the worlds leading ladies on topic such as Purpose, Passion, Health, Vision, Self-Confidence & so much more. Learn More Here: https://rebelsforjoy.com/dreambigger

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