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21-Day Emotional Detox Challenge (Interactive Virtual Course)
If you could hit the reset button on the mental toxicity, rebuild your mindfulness muscles, and strengthen your confidence in less than 10 min. a day for 21 days, would you do it? Then, let's do it already! CLICK HERE ( to register!! We love our 21 Day Emotional Detox Program ( and know how powerful it can be if people commit to building this habit. The biggest struggle people face is sticking to a daily regimen that builds new habits. We get it! Its tough when life is always getting in the way. So to help you have more success in boosting your self-worth, self-esteem and reclaiming emotional control, we added a layer of accountability! It's 21 days for only $47 & 15 minutes a day. Yep, that’s it. 15 minutes a day for 21 days is all it requires to begin making change in your life. Each day you will be asked to do 2 things: #1 – Log into your account and do that day’s assignment. There is a different assignment everyday, switching from meditation, journaling, visualizations, exercises and MP3s. #2 – Connect with your private Facebook community daily to check-in, share your success, inspire and hold each other accountable. That’s it! Easy. Simple. Effective. You deserve to be happy. You deserve emotional well-being. You deserve love from yourself. This challenge is designed to help keep you accountable to doing the work and formulate a new habit of being emotionally intelligent. CLICK HERE ( for access! This program was developed by Bonnie Kelly, CPC, ELI-MP, personal development expert, motivational speaker, author & CEO of Bonnie Kelly & Associates. Our Mission: To inspire help others stop the cycle of self sabotage, break free of toxic limitations and beliefs, and to become fiercely self-reliant.

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Emotional Intelligence is your ability to understand your emotional and mental state and why you act & react to life situation. The deeper your understanding of self, the more control you acquire of your emotional well being. This group teaches a vast range of classes to increase your emotional awareness, heal your past, strengthen your future and become fiercely self reliant.

★ Increase your Emotional Intelligence ★ Reclaim control of your thoughts - Feelings & Actions/Reactions

★Empower your mind

★ Fuel your life from the inside out!

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