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Coping with Rejection
We often translate other people's rejection as a message that says that we are not acceptable as we are. So we begin to reject ourselves in order to fit in. This causes a lot of internal conflict and emotional pain. Let's examine together the way rejection influences us and brainstorm ways we can better cope with situations in which we are not welcomed. Questions to sit with before the meet-up: What are some examples of time you were rejected? How did you cope with the rejection? This meet-up is facilitated by Emotional Health Life Coach Diana Deaver and it is a discussion based meet-up. All participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the conversation. Read more about Diana's work at There is no fee to attend this meet-up. Our host bliss Spiritual Co-op will accept any in kind or financial donations that allow numerous such programs to be offered free of charge to our Charleston community.

Bliss Spiritual Co-op

1163 Pleasant Oaks Drive · Mount Pleasant, SC

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What we're about

This group is meant to facilitate an authentic and meaningful connection between people who are curious about their emotional health and well-being. Our meet-ups are experiential and discussion centered. Everyone gets an opportunity to share their personal experiences and be heard. Sometimes we have handouts, other times we do exercises that involve our senses. Our paid gatherings are small and intimate (12 or less) and they offer individualized emotional healing work. Our free meet-ups are larger groups, where we go around the table and get to hear a little bit from everyone.

This group is best suited for:

• people who wish to increase their emotional intelligence

• people who are hurting emotionally and are seeking ways to heal

• people who feel called to be part of a supportive community that encourages emotional well-being

• people who want to discover more of their internal guidance and wisdom

Examples of topics we will be exploring:

• how how we experience, process and manage our emotions.

• how we are impacted by our thoughts and beliefs

• how we can heal and enhance our relationships

• how we self sabotage or support ourselves

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