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I'd like to invite you to join my online 'Intuition and Inner Guidance Support Group', where you can seek support for using your own inner guidance and intuition regarding relationships, communication, and all areas of life. You can go to Facebook and type in 'Intuition and Inner Guidance Support Group', or visit:


An empath is a person who feels what others are feeling - quite literally. It may come on as physical sensations in the body, or you may even hear or 'just know' what others are thinking or feeling. While some people walk into a room and just notice the loud music, an empath will know who is angry at their friend, who is an energetic vampire, and could likely even tell you about the personality of the one who decorated the room.

I believe that most empaths fall under the category of "Highly Sensitive", and though one may be sensitive without being an empath, I think there is a large overlap and therefore have created this group for both. As a personality type, we tend to be more intuitive than the mainstream population, and may find common things such as crowds, loud music and bright lights overwhelming. We tend to recall more dreams, and more vividly so. We are likely to be pulled toward a calling in life, and find a menial job soul crushing. We crave deeper connections, and that is exactly why I have created this group! I hope to form a community to support our unique personalities, and allow us an opportunity to connect with each other and share our experiences.

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