What we're about

Emperor Norton Magickal People Social serves two purposes:

1. To give people of any magickal/occult path, light, dark, or shadow, a place to come together and exchange ideas and swap techniques without the implicit pressure to join a tradition that ritual represents.

2. To bring together people that honor the city spirit of San Francisco, the legacy of Emperor Norton, Jonathan Sutro,, and the wild men and women that made this city, along with the energetic legacy of the city itself. If we serve anything, we serve the spirit of San Francisco.

Our main rede (guideline) is this:

Be excellent to each other

or at least, don't be an a**.

While we do break off into rituals if the spirit moves us or we have something from our own traditions to share, the purpose is to come, meet, talk, and BE.

Wiccan? Pagan? Have a seat. Christian Conjure worker? You too. Santero? Voudisant? Over here. Theistic Satanist? come on over. Sorcerers, Beatniks, Hippies, Gods, Angels and Demons all have a seat at the table. Just BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER.

Past events (137)

Summer Solstice BYOF Picnic

Robin Williams Meadow Picnic Area

May Social

Online event

Beltane Bonfire At Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach

Tarot Social Time

Online event

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