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This group is for people interested in spiritual development and training workshops. All in-person workshops are fun, interactive with lots of hands-on learning. We are an open-minded group who values love, commitment, and integrity.

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FULL - USUI Reiki Level 3/Master - Airdrie

*** THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL *** USUI Reiki 3/Master certification taught by Author/Healer/Trainer and Reiki Master Kim Wuirch. Requirements: must have proof of Reiki Level 1&2 Certifications. Manuals provided, attunements provided (some non-traditional symbols also included), practice with partners both days. Kim’s style of teaching is non-traditional and experiential. Cost: $350 + 5% tax (Total: $367.50) Full payment or $50 deposit required to register. Please etransfer: [masked] Make the Message: "Reiki 3/Master" Password not required as she has direct deposit. Full payment can be made in-person by Cash, Debit, or Credit, or etransfer by no later than the morning of the workshop. If you would like to pay ahead of time by Credit Card, message [masked] and ask her to send you a PayPal invoice. Time 9:00am-4:00pm class time. Please arrive at 8:30am to make a payment, find seats, and get settled. Specific location in Airdrie will be given to those once payment is received. Refreshments provided, bring your own lunch. If you're on Facebook, please mark yourself as "Going" there: facebook.com/events/[masked] Kim Wuirch is the Author of three books: Waking Up An Empath, Awakened Empath, and Spiritual Reality. She has been extensively training dozens of spiritual development workshops to people worldwide. See KimWuirch.com for full biography. *** Please checkout the “events” tab of facebook.com/pg/KimWuirchAuthor/events or kimwuirch.com/events for more spiritual trainings by Kim Wuirch and Channeler Ken Lewicki. #love #channeling #spirituality #spiritual #awakening #SpiritualAwakening #consciousness #AkashicRecords #Reiki #empath #training #development #angels #spirit #guides #healing #yoga #meditation #author #KimWuirch #KenLewicki #WakingUpAnEmpath #AwakenedEmpath #SpiritualReality


Come visit Author, Healer, Trainer Kim Wuirch and Channeler Ken Lewicki. THIS EVENT WILL INCLUDE: Holistic Practitioners providing mini sessions Mediums providing mini sessions Health & Wellness Products Metaphysical & New age products Local Handcrafted Artisans including Bath and Body, artists, crystal jewelry, upcycled, woodworkings Women’s clothing ***Guest Performances by female musician*** HANNAH JADE WILL PERFORM AT 12 pm *** FREE ONSITE 30-minute MINI WORKSHOPS TOPICS TO BE ANNOUNCED *** ***WORKSHOPS WILL BE @1230pm/130pm/230pm/330pm/430pm*** *** 6 GIFT BASKETS VALUED @ $500*** *** DRAWS WILL BE ONE BASKET A HOUR*** ***FIRST 100 GUEST RECEIVE A SWAG BAG AND FREE COFFEE COUPON FOR THE CAFE*** ***ADMISSION BY CASH DONATION*** ***HALF OF FUNDS RAISED WILL BE DONATED TO THE WOMENS SHELTER IN TOILETRIES*** ***PROMOTIONAL PRICING FOR ONSITE MINI SESSIONS*** ***CAFE ON SITE IF YOU WANT TO POP DOWN FOR LUNCH WITH YOUR LADIES*** SATURDAY NOV 2 10am - 5pm The Village 4039 Brentwood Road Calgary, AB

Channeling Level 3/Expert Online Workshop

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Pre-Requisite – MUST TAKE CHANNELING LEVELS 1 & 2 BEFORE TAKING THIS LEVEL 3 WORKSHOP (see links below) The topics covered in the Level 1 & 2 Channeling courses by Channeler Ken Lewicki were advanced. In the Level 3 / Expert level, we take your channeling skills to the most advanced level yet where you receive a "Certified Channeler" certificate! Here's an overview of what we will be delving into in this full-blown experiential workshop: • Reincarnation vs. lineage / ancestry • Learn Medical Intuitive / Medical Medium techniques • Finding the root cause of ailments through 'scanning' • Channel moons, planets, and stars • Channel Elementals - sprites, ferries, crystal divas ... • Channel crystals • Channel fairies, crystal divas, and dragons • The Do's and Don'ts of working with Elementals • Psychic protection - banishing malevolent beings • 13 Dimensions - Which one's do angels & archangels operate in • Channel dragons, angels, and archangels! • When to bring out the big guns (angels) • % of the light • When to channel your aspects (soul, higher-self...), your spirit guides, and/or other beings (elementals, angels, archangels...) • Combining all three channeling levels together to maximize your channeling abilities in ALL areas of your life! Saturday, Nov 9th, 9:00am to 4:30pm MST (Please login at 8:45 am) (One hour lunch) (Start: 8am PT, 9am MT, 10am CT, 11am ET) A $50 deposit or full payment is required to register. Full payment is due by NOON Friday, Nov 8th. Cost: $150 CAD + GST (Total: $157.50) E-transfer $157.50 to his partner [masked] Make the Message: "Channeling Level 3" Upon completion of all this channeling workshop, you will receive a signed certified "Master Channeler” certificate in electronic form and a physical one mailed out to you! Here are the links for Level 1 Channeling on Oct 12th: facebook.com/events/[masked] and Level 2 Channeling on Oct 9th: facebook.com/events/[masked] Author, healer, trainer Kim Wuirch and Ken Lewicki facilitate many online and in-person spiritual workshops. Checkout the “Events” tab at facebook.com/pg/KenLewickiChanneling/events for additional courses. #love #channeling #spirtuality #spiritual #awakening #SpiritualAwakening #consciousness #AkashicRecords #Reiki #empath #training #development #angels #spirit #guides #healing #metaphysica #psychic #author #KimWuirch #KenLewicki #WakingUpAnEmpath #AwakenedEmpath #SpiritualReality

Channeling Level 1 - Online Workshop

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Learn to channel your spirit guides is taught by Channeler Ken Lewicki using ZOOM teleconference technology is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to increase your spiritual abilities! This workshop is designed for both new and experienced people interested in spirituality. If you are new to spirituality, it gives you a great foundation for all other spiritual modalities. If you are experienced, learn how to hone your channeling abilities and take them to new heights. Many experienced channelers/mediums have taken the Level 1 workshops and have gained much from it. For some, the biggest reason to take this course is that it is a prerequisite for the Level 2 and 3/Expert levels and those workshops are extremely advanced!! NOTE: This is NOT a class where you sit and listen the whole time. This online workshop is all experiential (hands-on/interactive). You will be taken through numerous exercises/activities that will teach you about the different components that make up your being and teach you how to channel your spirit guides. Here is what you will learn in this workshop: • How to 'channel' messages from your soul and your higher-self • Assess your chakras to find out if they are open, clear, and/or flowing • The intricacies of soul families/soul groups • Difference between Kindred Souls, Twin Flames, and Soulmates • Soul Retrieval • Life Paths • Channel three (3) of your spirit guides including one through Automatic Writing (channeling while writing) • Receive very specific information about your spirit guides and what area of your life they’re here to help you with Additional topics include: • Get the full definitions of Realms, Realities, and Dimensions and where 'souls' and 'beings' reside • Enhance your spiritual "clair" abilities • Mind/Body/Spirit balance • Future based questions • Meditation practices • Understand free-will and how you can use it to decide what's best for you • How to get past doubt and ensure you're receiving accurate answers • How to advance your channeling abilities beyond the scope of this workshop Our spirit guides are here to support us along our path. They know why we’ve chosen to incarnate and what’s in our highest good. By the end of this workshop, you’ll know how to intentionally channel your guides in any environment – it’s so much fun! When: Sunday, Nov 10th, 2019, 9:00am to 4:30pm MT (Please login at 8:45 am MT) (One hour lunch) (Starts: 8am PT, 9am MT, 10am CT, 11am ET) A $50 deposit OR full payment is required in advance to secure your spot. ** Full payment is due by Friday, Nov 8th. ** Cost: $150 + 5% tax (Total: $157.50 CAD) E-transfer $157.50 to his partner [masked] Make the Message: "Channeling Level 1" If you would like to pay by Credit Card, email [masked] and ask him to send you a PayPal invoice. When full payment is received, you will be checked off as 'Paid' and a welcoming package will be sent to you (the sooner payment is received, the sooner you can start reviewing it). A ZOOM link will be provided a few days before the workshop. If you are using a desktop (sound and video required) or laptop, just click the link provided. If you're using a phone or tablet, you will need to install the "ZOOM Cloud Meetings" app beforehand (no need to register it, just install it). ZOOM is super user-friendly. This is a certified course and is a pre-requisite for the next Channeling level workshops. Please, private message Ken if you have any questions. See his "Reviews" tab for amazing testimonials. facebook.com/pg/KenLewickiChanneling/reviews If you would like to take the next Level 2 Channeling on Dec 7th, here is the link: facebook.com/events/[masked] and Level 3 Channeling on Dec 8th: facebook.com/events/[masked]: *** Kim and Ken facilitate many online and in-person spiritual workshops. Checkout the “Events” tab at facebook.com/pg/KenLewickiChanneling/events or https://www.kimwuirch.com/events for additional courses.

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Channeling Level 2 - Online Workshop

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