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Calling all women who struggle in their relationship with money!

Are you tired of striving, planning, and grasping for money? Do some days seem hopeless because you did everything you could, and there still isn't enough?

If this is you, then you may be following the masculine model of money. It's outward-facing, data and metrics-driven, and fits men like a glove. With women, however, it can be stifling, frustrating, and defeating.

There is a different way to be with money - by discovering your Feminine Money Super Powers and becoming an Empowered Money Master.

When you understand your Money Personality, you uncover the Super Powers that can transform your relationship with money. When you identify your unique strengths, challenges, and gifts, money will no longer seem hard. Instead, your perspective about money shifts, and you become open to the possibility that money is just one facet of living a wealthy life.

The goal of this group is to help you connect to your inner sense of wealth and well-being. Because as more women become wealthy, they can do their part to change the world.

This group will meet regularly to connect with each other, learn more about the Feminine Money Super Powers and how you become an Empowered Money Master. Please join and watch for the upcoming events!

For even more interaction, why not join our Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2204736839830347/)?

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Discover Your Feminine Money Super Powers!


Discover Your Feminine Money Super Powers!

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