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Have you ever been weighed down with emotions? Feel overwhelmed? Do you apologize too much? Not quite sure why??? Feel confused? Do you take on other people's pain? Want some help?
I have put together this workshop just for you based on my own experiences of breaking through and not being enslaved to emotions. IT IS POSSIBLE! I will give you tools to better manage your sensitivities as being an empathic person. Being an empath is actually an intuitive blessing when you learn how to work with it.
Empathy is the ability to temporarily step out of your experience and step into another person’s experience, and perceive it as they do, whether it’s an emotional, mental, physical, intellectual or spiritual experience. Why does this happen? What is “unbalanced empathy?” How can you protect yourself? Raise your vibrations and more. This is a laughter-filled, highly informative, 2 hour workshop. You are encouraged to ask questions!
With guided meditation, integrated Reiki and Angelic Healing, interactive group discussion, and group hypnotherapy. $45 Pre Register $55 at time of event
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