What we're about

Welcome to our "Empowered Women’s Club"!

You can also join my Facebook community - Awakening the Empowered Feminine:

HERE>>> http://bit.ly/2F2OGzO

Here you can receive support, guidance and inspiration on multiple levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

You are in the right place if
- You are tired of mainstream culture and its conditioning and want to return to your true authentic self,
- You struggle with your relationships and having hard time to live “normal life”,
- You want to heal from recent heartbreaks, separation or divorce,
- You want to get your feminine power back,
- You want to balance your emotions and master intimacy,
- You want to connect with open minded women who break free from their fears and limitations,
- You want to finally feel “home” and be accepted for who you are with no judgement

We are here to celebrate sisterhood and connection with each other, provide support and accountability for our transformation, growth and empowerment.

We get together in a safe and liberating space to heal their relationship wounds, learn more about their potential, speak their truth, release emotions and energetic blockages, grow in their Feminine power.

We explore healing experiential practices, create rituals, grow in our mastery to sustain emotional balance and healthy relationships with men.

We love to have FUN, enjoy our beauty, up-level our lifestyle and follow our deepest desires...

We have monthly events or workshops and build the high vibe community of the Energetic Luxury!

Please, join us if you have a solid intention to participate and show up for our meetings. Your presence matters! Stay connected & responsible!

Past events (16)

Feminine Empowerment Celebration 2019

1912 E Curtis Dr

Full Moon Sisterhood Celebration

Private Residence

Full Moon Sisterhood Celebration

Private Residence

Full Moon Sisterhood Celebration

Private Residence

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