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Calling all highly motivated individuals seeking greater fulfilment in work, life or the bedroom!

This group will offer workshops sharing skills for deeper, more authentic relating - primarily with yourself and, secondarily, with others. (This group is not for hooking up or dating).

Empowered Healing events are spaces where depth of self-enquiry is encouraged, emotion is welcome, authenticity is our focus and connection to yourself is nurtured.

Topics covered will include: self-love, authenticity, empowerment, self-kindness, standing up for oneself, learning healthy boundaries, energy awareness, body connection, body-mind relationship, conscious communication, conscious relating and conscious touch.


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Speak Your Truth: Deep dive!

The Hall, St Margaret's House,

Our first Speak Your Truth workshop was such a success that people wanted to go deeper in the process, so here is an extended day version! This powerful, transformative event is for people who want to: * Communicate more clearly * Be able to say 'no' without fear of offending * Free up more time for yourself and stop putting others first * Express your feelings more clearly * Tell someone when they have upset you and why * Be kinder to yourself * Ask for what you want * Learn about boundaries * Meet like-minded people and learn new skills! * This event is open to all ages, genders and backgrounds. Find your truth and learn to speak it! Develop the courage to decline invitations when your calendar feels too full (without fear of offending) and learn to express honestly when someone has upset you. See areas where you say 'yes' when you mean 'no' and stop dropping hints that don't work - learn instead to ask authentically for what you want! Join us for this exciting exploration into your subconscious! TICKETS: *First 10 bookings save £15!* http://buytickets.at/empoweredhealing/218945/r/ehmeetup TESTIMONIALS "Very satisfied; amazing facilitators and group of people. Can use this in all relationships and at work" "This workshop was exactly as described in the advert. No wild over-promising or long list of things not covered" "Amazing atmosphere, very authentic and supportive, easy to open up. Great transformative experience. Both facilitators are really sensitive and good at creating a safe space" "I'm taking away the courage to ask for what I really want and awareness of areas where I struggle with boundaries" "Practical exercises drawing on real feelings and situations. Safe space to voice thoughts and emotions that you are shy about or feel are silly" What will the workshop contain? There will be some gentle movement, eye gazing, exercises in pairs and in a group, opportunities to practice saying things you've always wanted to say but never had the courage, and to recognise when you are pleasing someone else and not being true to yourself. We'll have an opening and closing circle, so please arrive on time and plan to stay for the whole workshop. TICKETS: *First 10 bookings save £15!* http://buytickets.at/empoweredhealing/218945/r/ehmeetup Who is the host? Natalie Ford is an Authenticity & Empowerment guide, passionate about people feeling depth, connection and at ease in their own skin. Natalie wants you to feel amazing about yourself! She believes it's our BIRTH RIGHT to own our body, our pleasure, our right to say yes/no, to carve our own path and to stand fully in our truth. Natalie will help empower you to live without fear, shame or guilt! http://empoweredhealing.info

The Art of Consent & Mindful Touch

London School of Capoeira

TICKETS: *First 10 save £15!* http://buytickets.at/empoweredhealing/220934/r/ehmeetup A full day exploring the delicious world of touch and energy exchange! Gain a thorough overview of Dr Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent® and experience what it means to give and receive conscious (mindful) touch. Explore how your attention and intention affect the quality of touch you give. Work with your energy body to feel energy flow through your body and recognise when you are sending energy to another and how it feels receive energy. Also see how to apply the Wheel of Consent® in everyday life. This workshop is for you if you want to: * Give and receive more pleasure! * Gain confidence asking for what you want and receiving it * Improve your connection to your body & feel more sensation * Inject more fun and juice into long-term relationships * Uncover nuances of the Wheel of Consent® to ensure you're always within it * Express your desire and boundaries * Take your relationships to the next level - become a better partner! * Apply the Wheel of Consent® in everyday life * Become aware when you are out of consent with yourself (or another) * Discover where in life you might inadvertently be overstepping people's boundaries TESTIMONIALS "Everybody should know these concepts as they are applicable in so many situations, not only in the bedroom." "I got more confidence asking for what I want and what the other person likes or doesn't like" "The workshop was an ideal combination of theory & practice. It really brought the Wheel of Consent to life and helped me to experience the quadrants I'm less familiar with" "Enjoyable, entertaining and insightful" WE'LL EXPLORE * Different types of touch, how they feel in your body, what you like and don't like * How awareness of your posture, breathing and intention impacts the quality of your touch * How to express boundaries and practice asking for and receiving exactly how you want to be touched * The importance of your energy body and how to transmit and receive energy * Learn and experience the Wheel of Consent® by Dr Betty Martin * Understand when you enter a state of "tolerating" and what you can do instead * Understand what it means to "Take", "Serve", "Allow" and "Accept" - both in touch and everyday life * How does the Wheel of Consent® apply to everyday life and work? * Express your desires and feel confident that your partner is in consent * Practitioners: discover the nuances of the Wheel of Consent® and gain powerful pieces that may be missing from your awareness YOU'LL EXPERIENCE * Embodied practise of touch and consent * A deepened connection to your body * A playful, fun and insightful exploration of touch * Feeling relaxed and nourished * More confidence in yourself and your relationships MORE INFO: http://buytickets.at/empoweredhealing/220934/r/ehmeetup WHO'S HOSTING? Sanjay Joshi guides singles and couples in having more intimacy, love and pleasure in their lives. He is a catalyst in people bringing out their brilliance and living a fulfilled life. Sanjay is also a Certified Tantra Educator and specialises in enabling women to feel radiant, fulfilled and powerful. https://www.awakenbytouch.com Natalie Ford is an Authenticity & Empowerment guide, passionate about people feeling depth, connection and at ease in their own skin. Natalie believes it's our BIRTHRIGHT to own our body, our pleasure, our right to say yes/no, to carve our own path and to stand fully in our truth. http://empoweredhealing.info TICKETS: http://buytickets.at/empoweredhealing/220934/r/ehmeetup

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Introduction to Consent & Mindful Touch

Skylight Centre, (near Highbury & Islington Tube)

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