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Somewhere deep within us, we hold secret treasures, powers beyond our imagination. There is a very magical story that accounts for this ancient system of empowerment we meet to share. In short: The passing is an opening of points on the body that hold the keys to many windows for that individual. Like the healing arts of Acupuncture, Reiki & SKHM, this art gives rise to hidden forgotten teachings of our ancestors. It helps us to grow and improve ourselves or release gifts. For some a new ability, held within us yet in the universal comic connection within us all. Sometimes the passing of empowerment points led to precognitive powers, advanced travel in the body of light to other terrestrial locations and times, some held healing powers.

~We pass the empowerment points to whoever is seeking and ready to receive the light.

~We offer consecrations for those who are ready to receive more points. The word consecration literally means "association with the sacred". Persons, places, or things can be consecrated. It is the action of making or declaring something sacred.

~After the Work, we do a Group Healing Mantra Circle which includes Distant Healing for anyone's loved ones that need it.

Let us find harmony & balance in a natural sacred space. Let us meet so that We reinforce our collective on MT Arabia (over 400 million years to form) an earth Power Spot connected to ancient tone. Where we have gathered for over a decade. A Power Spot is a higher frequency of vibration and will help you release negative energy so you can move forward with your life!

Sound is not only the mother of Light, but it also creates life. Through listening or chanting mantras, you can move from darkness to light, from negativity to positivity, from duality to divinity. Mantra is a healing love that flows from heaven and a divine shield that protects us.

We facilitate. We do the Work, we do not extract oaths or dues, or require dogmatic beliefs. We are all spirit travelers passing through life, all the student, all the teacher. Join us!


Other Work we do:

Scrying is the ancient art of revelation. A means of divinationthathelps us to get in touch with our unconscious minds: the realm of the soul.

We are Priesthood that teaches a method for Scrying the Universe as the Ancient Egyptian Priest & Priestess, Shaman, Indian and Sumerian cultures used. See the uploaded image of The hieroglyph used to signify the scribe custodians of the voice. A way to open the collective consciousness for truth. The object which first appears is adopted as the personal mystery, Guardian Spirit, or tutelary daimon. The Voice of the higher Presence is the nature of the Guardian Spirit, is to replete with knowledge. Scrying was first mentioned in the 10th Century in an Ancient Persian text called the "Shahnameh." Every culture has used some form of scrying: from the Native American’s observation of smoke to the Egyptians use of oil gazing to gain wisdom.

The word “scrying” actually comes from the Old English word descry which means “to make out dimly” or “to reveal.” Therefore, scrying is about revealing the unseen through the use of our in-born second sight. Second sight is our capacity to see things that can’t usually be perceived through our five senses.

We help others learn the nature of Self. To look deep within is not easy. Dare you look upon the truth. There are Levels of consciousness that can balance our day to day life in Harmony with The Great Work!

Soror Tau Stella Maris has over 35 years experience with the Spirit Community.

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Crossing over to another consciousness through Scrying

Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve Parking Lot

Empowering Vessels w Light on Earth Power Spot & Sound Mantra Healing Circle

Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve Parking Lot

Empowering Vessels w Light on Earth Power Spot & Sound Mantra Healing Circle

Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve Parking Lot

Empowering Vessels with Life, Light & Sound Mantra healing circle

Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve Parking Lot

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