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Hey everyone! I’m Chris, the organizer of Business Growth 101 and the interim organizer for Greater Maryland Professionals and Empowerment and Leverage (if you will all have me). I created Business Growth 101 to teach others how to build successful businesses based on their individual passions and talents; as well as give them my experiences in business and consulting to help them avoid the pitfalls that I have personally experienced and seen others experience as well.

I’ve done business consulting for individuals just looking for something on the side to a multi-billion dollar VC firm and have not had a disappointed client to this date.

There are 3 General elements to starting your business off correctly.

- Purpose (Understanding spiritual things… and no, I’m not talking about Jesus, although he’s my homeboy)

- Understanding Self (Knowing what you like)

- Execution (Knowing how to monetize what you like)

Then comes the planning stages such as your exit strategy, taxes, daily business operations, etc.

My hope is to develop masters in all these areas through meetups which are structured in more of a workshop format. I generally I teach for a bit and then we have Q&A and depending on the day and time, a mixer afterward.

My ultimate hope for this group is that we can learn from one another, and I help some of you build successful businesses and we take annual or bi-annual trips celebrating our success! Or if you're anti-social, you can take your own trips and just tell us about it.

Since this is a business group, the meetings will always be general guidance on business development. Everyone is in a different sector and advice for one may be prudent while detrimental to another. I do offer one on one consulting, but for a fee.

So, come out and see what I have to offer, and I look forward to meeting all of you and being a part of your success and growth!

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