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There are plenty of post natal groups for Mums, of course and so there should be, but not much for Dads I've found. Im a 43 year old new Dad (as of September 2018) and Ive found that although Ive got loads of great tools and strategies for self development, I found that it can be really tough to adjust to a new life, a new identity and a huge change in my relationship.

I wondered if there were more out there like me that could do with some help? I thought it would be great to get to know them and share, learn and grow as a group. I felt I needed man time.

This Meetup is for new Dad's in order to share some tools and skills to equip you for the whole Dad journey, which is full of challenges, uncertainty, learnings and challenges (amongst all of the great stuff), and thats why I want to help you and me process our own particular experience. Im here to make stuff better and to create a place to de-brief, hang out and make friends (and eat biscuits).

Im running this Meetup as a full time peak performance coach and trainer to share some really powerful, easy to apply and useable tools that will help you for example- understand and empathise with your partner and children- be empowered in your thinking- see things from all perspectives- notice and change unhelpful behaviours from your programming- empathise with your partner, plus much more, and just hang out with some nice people who want to be the best Dad's they can be . . . .

Self aware, solid, emotionally intelligent role models for their family.

Each week we will cover a topic. This will allow us to talk and process stuff as a group, share experiences and learn from each other. Also every week will be time for a Q&A and as we go Ill introduce anything that I know that can help from my 'day job' whenever it seems appropriate.

Also, importantly, its a place where its ok to ask for help and talk about problems (men are typically crap at that) and say that 'its hard' sometimes in front of some self aware, supportive dads. There is strength in vulnerability!

We live by the vegas rule. What is said in the Meetup stays in the Meetup. This allows a safe place to talk about what we need to talk about in order to be happy and empowered men and fathers.

My outcome is that this stuff will improve not just your home life but all of life and I hope that your partner and/or children will be happy with the improvements too! Its going to be fun, supportive, eye opening, and a time to make some buddies.

Bring a notepad and pen, Tea and coffee will be supplied. Bring biscuits and cake!

Its going to be relaxed and respectful, but most of all fun.

Please message me if you want any more information or want to check if this is the right group for you.

See you there.

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