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Calling all women who are ready to build intimate and authentic relationships with themselves, their community and with each other, so that they may live from a place of deep enchanted confidence, empowerment, connection and presence.

Women need connection, community, and continuity to blossom, transform and heal.

Women need support from other women to become the best version of themselves.

The intention of this group is to form real, organic and authentic relationships with other women as we explore the more intimate parts of our lives and what it feels like to live from a place of Divine freedom, expansiveness and connection.

Together, we will dig deeper within ourselves to learn what it feels like to live in our Divine presence. Because, it is from our Divine presence or Divine Feminine that we rise stronger, more confident, compassionate, empathetic and powerful in a world that needs to hear the feminine voice now more than ever before.

We are a sisterhood.

We are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and grandmothers seeking to honor the truth within us.

We honor one another, speak our truths with dignity and valor and love each other authentically without judgement as we work to love ourselves in the same manner.

Come out and join us for a perfect blend of workshops, inspiration, happy hours, social activities, and more!

About the Organizer:

Erin Hindel is Intimacy Coach who listens, understands, supports, and works with women on creating an authentic, healthy sex positive relationship with themselves, their community and in their partnerships, so that they can live from a place of empowerment, confidence and strength.

She believes that it's important for us to reflect on all aspects of ourselves to include our sexual self-esteem, and the role it plays, as the relationship we have with our sexuality reflects our sexual self-esteem.

When talking about sexual self-esteem, she refers to the feelings you have about your body, and your confidence level in how you relate intimately to yourself and to someone else. It's what you bring of yourself, both emotionally and physically, to sex and relationships and the rest of your life - what you do with that and how you share that with someone else.

Cultivating healthy sexuality or healthy sexual self-esteem is an integral part of having an authentic relationship with yourself. And just as we talk about the value of developing healthy self-esteem, so too, should we be paying attention to developing a healthy sexual self-esteem.

Her interactive and holistic approach inspires action and creates a non-judgmental, sacred space for women to truly explore their goals while gaining support and community from others who've also made a commitment to creating their best-self by learning the art of taking back their power from within.

Learn more about Erin HERE http://www.awarriorsjourneigh.com

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Stop Falling Victim to Infidelity: A Workshop for Anyone Who Has Ever Loved

A Warrior's Journeigh: Therapy for Wholeness


This workshop is for anyone who has ever loved.... Have you ever been impacted by infidelity at some point in your life? Were you left feeling shameful and guilty for choosing to stay or choosing to leave? Were you left feeling guilty and shameful for stepping out of your relationship, yet also relieved and never so alive? Did you or do you currently feel: - disconnected from your partner? - that it is a struggle to communicate your wants, needs and desires both emotionally and sexually to your partner? - shame, guilt and judgement for what you want, need and desire both emotionally and sexually? - dissatisfied with your body image and sex life? - stuck in a love making rut? - the need for excitement, mystery, adventure, surprise and novelty? Infidelity has different meaning to different people. For some, sexting is a form of infidelity, while for others it's catching their lover watching porn and still for other's it's finding out their partner slept with a co-worker. However, the after effects of infidelity are all the same - guilt and shame for staying, guilt and shame for leaving, guilt and shame for straying, guilt and shame for feeling alive, not feeling good enough, and not knowing if you can trust anyone again. For anyone who has ever loved... For anyone who has ever been affected by infidelity this workshop is for you. I want you to know that it is possible to move forward from infidelity. It is possible to reconnect with yourself and with your partner. It is possible to feel empowered in your body, in your sexuality. And, it is possible to trust again. In this workshop we’re going to talk about effective communication skills, being clear about your desires and needs and how communicating them will forever change your life. Now I understand this is a VERY difficult topic to discuss. It is still a very taboo topic according to our society, but I believe it needs to be disccussed. I believe it is time to rethink and nurture this topic because we are deserving - becasue YOU are deserving of happieness and love. This is a safe place for this conversation. You don’t have to feel shame around this nor guilt and judgement. This is a judgement free zone and a place to comfort some of the most heartbreaking wounds we as human beings experience. Join me in this discussion, so that we may kiss our wounds from the ground up and find healing together. *This workshop is for women ONLY! Walk away from this workshop learning more about: - How COMMUNICATION IS KEY to a relationship surviving infidelity, so that you feel CONNECTED and EMPOWERED with yourself and with your partner - How ATTACHING to your infidelity story takes away YOUR POWER and understanding why this is important, so that you can let go of your GUILT, SHAME and JUDGEMENT and TRUST again! - How YOUR NEEDS AND DESIRES, both emotionally and sexually are important to learn and understand, so that you feel SEXY, CONFIDENT and FULFILLED! - How OWNING your FEMININE POWER can lead you to feeling more secure in yourself and in your relationships *Please dress comfortably and feel free to bring a journal or notebook for note taking or inspiration. **Light refreshments, wine and other beverages will be served. ***Space is limited, and all previous workshop have sold out! - Again, this workshop is for women ONLY!

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