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I am a family man. I have a steady job. I have a comfy home. I work at least 40 hours per week. At the end of every month I pay my bills and providing my family as much as i can. Always looking forward for the 4-5 weeks vacation every year or every weekend. The rest of the time i am mostly tired and sometimes stressed out. Trying to make the most of the time left each day.
I am also thankful for what i have but im not happy or content about giving my time away. Time I want to spend with my son. Time I want to spend on what really matters to me. I give 8-10 hours everyday to one or several companies that is not made for my own well being. I work for someone else to forfill someonelse dreams.
What about my dreams, what am i willing to do for making them come true? Have you asked yourself this question? There is more of life than what society teaches you. So I have decided and started a journey towards more freedom and time!
Freedom and time is my most valuable assets. I am not willing to trade that away anymore for this "safty" way of living that society slowly waggles you into. If you feel or can relate on what i feel. I'll gladly meet you. To inspire you and to be inspired by you. I am confident in whoever you are, you are an amazing person with great ideas and potential! I dare you to leave your comfortzone and to have an open mind. Lets meet up!
I know there is huge success within reach, and this is reached far better and faster together! Best regards / Toni

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