What we're about

We are a Community of ACTION oriented people for:

* The one stop shop for the ordinary person to get easily, simply and powerfully engaged in ending the climate crisis. Various levels of commitment are welcome - easy through more involved - participate freely or just learn for now. This is a non-political group - we are dedicated to making a difference - not taking sides.

* Action is what matters - the climate crisis is a crisis of action, not politics, finance, science, debate, studies or anything else

* Action dances with context - the crisis of action is a function of the condition/mindset/context in which we live that gives us no access to the actions called for by the reality of the situation.

* We bust the current culture of mythology in which the situation lives for people and in which they live for themselves in relationship to it.

* Real actions, real time, real results, real consequences.

* We speak to the hugeness of people, not to their concerns, fears and resignation

* Reducing emissions by 8Gt by ‪12/31/2020‬ - getting us on track to ending the crisis in time.

* Empowerment - awareness, power and impact. Awareness is a function of information. Power is a function of responsibility. Impact is a function of action.

* Individuals make the difference in bridging the gap between where we're headed and where we need to be.

* We have a 2-year window in which to make that difference.

* We have the science, models, strategy and plan to make this happen - not best efforts, doing our best, gestures or hope.

* Empowering 500 million people

* We inspire people where they live - pop culture, reality tv, social media, music, art, fashion - making engagement easy, fun and attractive

* Unleashing humanity

Your actions can and do make a difference - Join the game https://www.2020orbust.org/


Adam Farver, Organizer

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