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There are 7000 languages spoken worldwide. 50% will be extinct in just 30 years, unless we act today. All around the world, cultural knowledge is not being passed from generation to generation, due to lack of resources or the actions of repressive governments. When languages die the knowledge of their speakers: jokes, idioms, stories, folklore and even unique understanding of nature and our reality dies with them. The loss of languages falls hardest on indigenous people whose cultures and way of life often fray apart. Languages don't leave fossils or artifacts, which means it's up to us to document them in the present and help to revitalize them for new generations.

The Endangered Language Coalition, organized and hosted by Language Clearinghouse, is a movement to save the world's languages from extinction and build an amazing community doing it. By raising funds, raising awareness and building a local and international network of support, we can make sure that languages don't slip through the cracks. In a world faced by ever growing challenges, saving our languages might be the easiest "insurmountable" to overcome. Join the Endangered Language Coalition and help us make history today.

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