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What: Warrior Dash 2014
When: Sep 6, 2014
Time: 10:45

Where: Horning's Hideout, 21277 NW Brunswick Canyon Rd, North Plains, OR

To register:

Is there a Warrior lurking inside of you? The Warrior Dash is one of the most amazing events I've ever seen. I went this year as a spectator to cheer on Endorphin Drip's own member, Samantha, who successfully completed the entire course without having trained for it beyond going hiking a lot. 11,000 people of all shapes and sizes and differing levels of fitness jogged, walked, ran, rolled through the mud, waded a pond, climbed ropes, jumped over fire, crossed narrow balance beams, struggled over barricades, and overcame a host of other obstacles. Click the link below to see our amazing Samantha tackling one of the obstacles...

Do I think I have a inner warrior in me? Absolutely not!! So, what I'm wanting to do is form a team where every member is dedicated to getting each other member of the group through the obstacles. We give boosts, balance the wobbly, lift the tired, unstick the stuck, and all cross the finish line together with smiles barely visible through all the muck on our faces. This is a very informal race in that there are no judges deciding if you did an obstacles properly and no penalty for sneaking around the side of one although I'm very confident that if we all stick together we will all be hugely successful and will attain the status of true Warrior!

In addition to winning a lifetime of self confidence, we will also get a free t-shirt, medallion, warrior helmet, a free beer, and a kick-ass party with a live band.

As of today, all 10:45 start times have been reserved at the 2014 Warrior Dash, however, start times are not monitored so it is easy to join up with another group of people starting. Waves of 100 people go through the start gate every 15 minutes and nobody is counting.

Samantha will be our go-to person for advice. She won't be running with us because she's doing the event with her mother again next year but she will be more than happy to share her experiences. Here is a sample conversation I've had with Sam.

Me: Did the mud get in your underwear?
Sam: Yes, I spent an hour feeling like I'd crapped my pants
Me: I think I'll be buying some tight fitting lycra shorts

LOL - knowledge is golden!

The Warrior Dash is a benefit for St. Jude's Childrens Hospital so it does have a cost to register. The longer you wait, the more you pay


$35 until 11:59pm** on Wednesday Sep 25, 2013
$50 until 11:59pm** on Tuesday, Dec 31, 2013
$60 until 11:59pm** on Wednesday, Jun 11, 2014
$65 until 11:59pm** on Wednesday, Jul 09, 2014
$70 until 11:59pm** on Wednesday, Aug 06, 2014
$75 until 11:59pm** on Wednesday, Aug 27, 2014
$90 until 11:59pm** on Tuesday, Sept 02, 2014

** Central Time

I've already registered with a plus 1 and am very excited to start getting ready for this. Maybe we'll find some innovative and fun ways to have Meetups where we can train for the barriers and work out some strategies for getting over them as a team.

Please don't reserve a spot on this Meetup unless you have actually registered through the Warrior Dash website. Holding spots just in case you might decide later to participate will make it impossible for us to actually form a team. Thank you for your cooperation in this!

Horning’s Hideout is located just 35 minutes west of Portland in North Plains

Directions to Horning's Hideout:

First off, do not use GPS!! It will take you down the wrong country roads!
From Portland Take Highway 26 West approximately 15 miles to Exit 57, North Plains/Glencoe Road.
Turn right (North) from the exit onto Glencoe Road.
Take Glencoe Rd. approximately 1.5 miles to a left fork that is Pumpkin Ridge Road.
Follow Pumpkin Ridge Rd. for 5 miles to a right fork onto Brunswick Canyon Road .
Follow Brunswick Canyon Road 1 mile down into the canyon.

p.s. I'm sure I'll be making lots of changes on this page as I gather more info so check back in with us every now and then