What we're about

Are you: lonely, broken-hearted, the bearer of unrequited love, divorced, dumped, jilted or otherwise unlucky in romance? Are you depressed? Do you wrestle with social anxiety?

Well, that just plain sucks. It's going to hurt no matter what because that is a hard, cold, harsh range to ride.

But guess what, cowgirls and cowboys? It doesn't have to be a lonely range. You don't have to be out there alone on the windswept plain.

Exercise helps and so does like company. Endorphins are like magic, and working your muscles is a great way to produce endorphins without a romantic partner. It's also a way to get fit and literally work out your troubles.

So forget about all that broken heart sh*t and come join us for a while at Planet Fitness in Fairfax. We will exercise together and rustle us up some good 'ole endorphins.

I'm selecting Planet Fitness because I have a membership there. The group doesn't have to meet there. I just wanted to get things started. Once we get a few people to join, we could easily figure out another location that doesn't require a gym membership.


The rules:

Be kind.

No extended monologues about your troubles. We get it. Assume everyone understands and that we are in a similar state of anguish. A word or two will suffice before we get to work.

This is not a dating group. If you're looking to pick someone up, find a date or otherwise hook up, please look elsewhere. Operators, players, pickup artists and opportunists are NOT welcome. If you DO meet someone and hit it off, we will applaud and be happy for you. Just don't make that your primary reason for attending.

Unless someone specifically asks for it, do not offer workout advice. There are many roads up Exercise Mountain.

For the first meeting, you will need a planet Planet Fitness membership. If you don't, my membership level allows me one guest. Others might use their guest pass as well.

Please be 21 or older.

We welcome anyone of any orientation, fitness level or body type.

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