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Enemies of Tyranny is a national movement of well networked, like minded citizens that believe in America. Our mission is to come up with NEW tactics and strategies to both expose and defeat the enemy while providing an unprecedented level of protection and security for our members, and families of our members, from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Tyranny is a government that seeks to:

-Disarm the public

-Take from one man and give to another

-Promote racism and class warfare

-Turns its back on fallen comrades

-Control the population

-Make decisions on your behalf

-Deceive the ignorant with lies and misrepresentation

Enemies of Tyranny seeks to:

-Keep citizens armed

-Let the individual keep more of his money for himself and family

-Unite all races and end class warfare

-Never leave a fallen comrade

-Promote freedom and liberty

-Encourage individuals to make there own decisions

-Inform the ignorant with truth and facts

We are a movement of business owners, active military, veterans, healthcare professionals, farmers, lawyers, managers, teachers, athletes, musicians, waiters, entertainers, salesmen, technicians, fisherman, artists, ext. These are just a few examples of who we are and what were about.

We know the majority of citizens in this country are Enemies of Tyranny. Join now and let’s have some fun exposing these people for who they are!!
Some believe there is no hope. Thats how the enemy wants you to feel! It was ok to feel that way before..Join us and have that feeling no more. For even if we fail to convince the majority of the truth, we will still remain strong and our network will be indestructible.

***Important side note..Some us ride motorcycles and alongside our national movement we also have a brotherhood of bikers that ride for this cause and also support local clubs and rides throughout Virginia. Check out our Facebook page for details.

You do not have to ride to help us fight tyranny and only the meetups specified (bikers only) will you need a bike.

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