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Energetic Magic Radio Show
Show and archives: Have you ever tried to reach success but kept falling short again and again? Do you do date all the wrong people or find ways to chase the right ones away? Do you dream of more money, but cringe when you look at your bank account? Imagine if you could change all that with some simple techniques and have everything you’ve ever wanted. What if, by changing beliefs that you don’t even know you have, you could create magic in your life? On Energetic Magic, Shiraz discusses the different ways our belief systems, and the stories we tell ourselves, create the reality we live in. You will hear how people destroyed specific subconscious beliefs that resulted in them having better health, more fulfilling relationships, greater success, and yes, more money. During the show, Shiraz works directly with callers to remove their limiting beliefs and, thus, change their realities. The results often appear as if by magic. If you'd like to call in during the show the number is[masked]


Online · Toronto, ON

What we're about

Are you looking to shift your energies, share your experiences, or just hang out with people who see the universe the same way you do? Whether you’re just getting started, frustrated that what you’ve tried hasn’t worked for you, or well on your way to creating the life you desire, our group lets you both learn and contribute in a caring, non-judgemental environment.

In this group you will experience and, if you choose, learn Energetic Magic, a modality that works directly on people's belief system to change their realities, sometimes within minutes.

We all have our own beliefs and points of view and through discussions and workshops we can expand our awareness and that of those around us. The energy of a group is always more powerful and dynamic than an individual. Just imagine what a group of aware beings can contribute to each other and the world. Come be a part of it!

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