25 Days Program: Bending Time

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This is a new on by special request. If you've had enough spiritual lessons, you've probably found out that time is an illusion, a human construct to help you navigate this reality. As such, you can manipulate it. During this month you'll learn what your stories around time are and how to bend some and break others. Do you have time for this? ;-)

From 1st of the month to the 25th I will be working on the energy of this group.

There are 3 groups at 3 different price points.

Clearing ($30):

This is the basic group where each person will essentially get an energetic shower each night to get rid of the crap accumulated during the day. Please note: you do not have to be anywhere or do anything to receive the energies other than being open to receive. They will come to you automatically when I do the remote work.

Every night I will:

– clear any energetic parasites picked up during the day (people, places, & things that we let drain us)
– remove any entities picked up (usually from hospitals or bars)
– remove and spiritual attachments people put on you
– realign your connection to both the Earth and the Divine
– comb out tangles in your energy field
– flush your system of any stagnant energies of the day
– comb out tangles in your energy field
– nightly immersion in the quantum energy field (makes you more aware of the beliefs, patterns, and stories running your life)
– be shifting beliefs around the month’s theme based on what awarenesses come up for me

If you have any physical discomfort from the clearings please email me at [masked]

Shifting ($60):

In this group you get all the benefits of the Clearing group plus:

– you can send emails to have issues cleared around the month’s theme. I will work to clear those issues for the group so, you’ll get cleared on issues you may have (and even know about) that other people bring up.

– I will download information to you to help with the month’s theme

Please send emails to [masked]


In this group you get all the benefits of the Clearing & Shifting groups plus:

– 2 live two hour coaching calls on the 5th and 19th at 8:30pm Eastern

Please send emails to [masked]

As a bonus each month, if you sign up for Magic and refer someone else for Magic, you’ll get $30 off when they sign up. Just have them tell me who referred them when they pay. That means if you refer 3 people you don’t pay a thing!

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