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This group will continue past the original 5 week schedule due to demand - I'll use this as a platform to create a community around healing around the San Diego area.

Anyone focused on creating a growth-focused, purpose driven life is welcome.

Events will take place at varying locations, and will focus on creating a safe environment for exploring our own individual healing needs.


By attending, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed health care provider and do not engage in patient diagnosis or the practice of medicine. Similarly, I am not a counselor or psychotherapist and do not purport to offer mental health care advice.

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Finding Your Core Values (Zoom Webinar)


Perhaps the most important factor in living a life of abundance and alignment, is knowing what fuels your journey. Without confidently knowing your core values, it's easy to fall out of alignment and slip in to patterns that keep us stuck, unhealthy, and miserable. This will be an interactive workshop focused on helping you identify and prioritize your core values. We will also identify strategies for remaining in alignment with these values, and using your new knowledge to navigate your personal growth journey. Exchange: $22 ($11 each if you bring a friend, message for custom link to pay) Registration: paypal.me/EnergeticEvolution Zoom link and pre-event materials will be sent manually upon receiving your registration

Believing You are Enough: How to Unlearn Unworthiness (EVENT AT ELKA YOGA)

As we begin our lives, we often learn through a variety of interactions with caregivers, peers, and society that who are are fundamentally is flawed in some way. That we are not worthy of love when we express who we are on a visceral level. These lessons become beliefs, and we carry this belief from our formative years in to our adult lives, with the subconscious childhood lessons creating unhappiness and chaos in every aspect of our lives - at work, in intimate relationships, with our families, and how we present to the world at large. This teaching will be focused on how we learn unworthiness, the ways that it manifests in our young lives and continues to persist in to adulthood, common patterns, how society reinforces these beliefs, and how to finally short-circuit the programming to change your story to become a happier version of yourself. Cost: $30 Register at: https://elkayoga.com/wellness-workshops/

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Creating Abundance

University Community Library

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