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This is a new sister group to the well established Self-Healing, energy medicine and EFT tapping (Surbiton) meetup group which I am forming to build an active social network of those interested in a variety of effective self-help techniques in and near Worcester, as I will be soon be spending more time here.

I have nearly 20 year's experience of complementary therapies and a passion to pass on the techniques that WORK and that you can do for YOURSELF to improve your health, increase happiness and generally feel a whole load more self-empowered!

I organise small, friendly and highly educational but also entertaining gatherings, suitable for complementary therapists and total novices alike!

Some of these will be largely based on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique...also known as 'Tapping'). It's an astonishingly quick and easy way to diffuse stress and anxiety, let go of phobias or past upsets, and rebuild confidence by tapping on acupuncture points and (my personal addition, from my earlier studies of FasterEFT) anchoring a good, peaceful feeling to end each 'round' of tapping.

Others will look at different simple but effective ways to balance your energy, including the exercises of Donna Eden, and ways of using energy (muscle) testing as an indicator to pinpoint what's stressing the body, including beliefs, situations, and food sensitivities...and how these can be corrected using energy exercises and/or EFT.

Some of the meetups will be 'themed' such as focussing on Relationships, Weight and body image, stress and anxiety, Pain and healing, Food sensitivities etc., some will be general where we will use a sequence of energy exercises, then EFT and end with a meditation to access healing on multiple levels. I am a life-long lucid dreamer and have also started exploring the Out of Body state and will occasionally hold a meetup to teach how to dream lucidly, and then the incredible range of possibilities of what can be done with lucid dreaming :) . Once the group is well established I will also invite guest speakers.

I am qualified in Kinesiology, Jin Shin Acupressure, Reiki, I was one of the first FasterEFT practitioners in the UK but have re-direced my focus to EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting, and Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, which I find a far be. I studied Matrix Energetics to practitioner level (but have not yet rcertified) and I love drawing on aspects of all of these and more to create a safe, encouraging but also relaxed and light-hearted space in which to find out more about energetic approaches to health and well-being and meet like-minded souls.

I will sometimes include a brief meditation, but no religious or spiritual beliefs are required, I tend to just ask people to drop their attention into the area where their heart is and focus on love :) .

More details will appear shortly but in the meantime if you wish to see the sort of topics and our feedback please see:

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Details will be emailed 24 hours before the meetup.

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