What we're about

I am a Hay House author, energy healer and spiritual coach.

I hold and guide weekly energy healing circles in Wimbledon, South West London, using various spiritual techniques:

- Guided meditation
- Cleansing with sage and palo santo
- Awakening heart
- Listening with compassion
- Vulnerabilty and honesty
- Rituals for releasing negativity and for manifesting positivity peace and joy
- Energy work
- Transparent communication
- Affirmations
- Collective commitment
- Soul coaching

This sacred energy healing circle is a small gathering of like-minded individuals coming together regularly to meditate, focus on spiritual connection, authentic openness and living, energy clearing, removing blocks and manifesting desires.

What an energy healing circle can do for you?

Let go of past ordeals, struggles or trauma that are affecting you life in the here and now.​

Stop feeling insecurity, and self doubt, and start feeling truly confident.

Stop caring so much about what other people think about you.

Explore your thoughts, beliefs, and fears, so that you learn to trust and believe in yourself.
Feel clearer about what you actually want from your life.

Work with a guide that doesn't just listen and nod their head, but offer you true guidance, tools and wisdom.

Discover who you are at your core; underneath your personality and ego.

Step more fully into your own light.

Clear your own energy blocks that hold you back.

Access your own intuition instead of always looking outward for answers.

Whether you are new to holistic healing and spirituality or have been on a spiritual path for years... all are welcome and completely equal.

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Letting go after lockdown.

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