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A quote, "The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It". In the spirit of that, this group is proposed to anyone who is interested in being a part of the transformation of energy that is happening now.

Whether your experience is from hydrocarbons or renewables, we'll need both for years as we transition. The concept is dual transformation where we optimize the core business, while investing in new growth and explore business models. So if you're an oil producer with ideas to operate more sustainably, an enhanced oil-recovery company, a big data tech company, a battery storage technology company, or a hydrogen, geothermal or wind company, you are part of the solution to transform energy into the future.

Also important is the discipline of transformation strategy. There are guiding principles that apply to all industries that we can use as a guide and build on common language to creating the energy transformation journey.

Let's have a discussion on a strategy to transform energy to the future, involving the existing energy producers as part of the solution, to the future mix of energy that will be more diversified and sustainable. It's not about industries, it's about what the future "Energy Arena" will look like, and how we get there.

It is proposed to members of this Meetup Group, that we discuss via Zoom or online, the strategy framework for transformation and bring in guest speakers from the entire energy arena. The players, whether they be oil producers, solar companies, geothermal, and technology startups can talk to us about their solutions. We can frame the discussion within an established framework of business transformation so at the end the day, this Meetup group can build our own strategy recommendation for the Energy Transformation!

Sound ambitious? Perhaps, join this group to see where it can go!

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