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This meet up group will serve the greater Orlando area & any visitors who are interested in alternative ways to stay healthy of mind, body & spirit. Currently, we primarily focus our services based on frequencies. We believe in the body's natural ability to heal itself given the right conditions. In order to facilitate those conditions we offer a personalized service. To begin, we recommend an evaluation by the LIFE System which is also able to return rectification frequencies back to the client which include but are not limited to Ayurvedic, flower essence, homeopathic, Rife & many other frequencies to help balance the body. Once needs are established we recommend a treatment plan usually to include Bemer treatments & sounds treatments, then follow up w/another scan of the body by the either the LIFE System or the Zyto. We also specialize in skin care via DermaTechnology available now here in Orlando exclusively from France. We like to think an important role we have with the client is to educate the client on options and refer them to resources.

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