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Hello beautiful souls :) Anyone is welcome, no matter what you believe in, energy healing is a universal form of healing through unconditional love. My purpose is to bring people together & amplify the energy as a group!

Through energy, sound, vibrational healing & meditation you give yourself & the energy the ability to remove any physical, spiritual, mental or emotional pain and/or blockages. By allowing the energy of unconditional love to flow through your body and chakra system the bodies subtle energy system becomes activated, you just have to imagine the energy running through those thoughts, emotions, pains, aches & dissolving them.

Release emotions that are no longer serving you

Give your body the ability to heal itself

Release stress, problems, aches & paints in your body and anything you want to let go off.

Join us & explore meditation, relax, feel peace, happiness & receive energy healing that will fill you with the vibration of unconditional love.

These sounds will make you feel as if you are floating, in a complete state of blissfulness and complete relaxation, I hope you can join :)

* Love & Light *

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