What we're about

An Engineering Career can be fascinating and very fulfilling BUT wrong decisions and lack of knowledge can cause major delays and roadblocks in being the best you can be. The purpose of this meetup is to create a platform where we invite successful Engineers and Hiring Managers to speak to us on how to plan a successful Engineering career. Some of the topics that will be tackled are:
- Importance of technical skills versus soft skills
- Unconventional ways of finding a job in Engineering
- Which is more important to an upcoming Engineer - Masters, PMP, MBA or experience
- Critical skills that make a huge difference in an Engineering Career e.g. Ability to present well and even the ability to use excel
- Why most Engineers will never be the best they can be

If you have any questions or challenges you would like to see in this group then please let us know and we will add it to the list of presenters that we are lining up.

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