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Engineering For Kids Afterschool Program 3rd-7th-Kennesaw
Register at Colorful Coding with OzoBots (9/18-10/30/18) These robots are so tiny but powerful! Students love how they follow colored lines, spin, flash lights, dance, and move! They will learn robotics and programming through a hands-on, engaging, and artistic approach. OzoBots make STEAM engaging and seamlessly supports lessons ranging from math and science to art and literature. STEAM Academy - Fall Session II ($99.00) How Amusing: Let's Ride (11/13-12/18) Ah, the thrill of an amusement park…zipping around on racecars, zooming through the loops of a rollercoaster, trying your luck at a floating boat game, and enjoying a cold, refreshing ice cream treat at the end of a hot, sticky day. Can’t get better than that! They will be challenged in specific engineering-related contests with the goal of creating the most fantastic and thrilling theme park experience. At the end of the session they will have the prestigious honor of creating the world’s next great amusement park for children ages 0-99 to enjoy for years to come! Featuring Mechanical, Marine, and Industrial Engineering.

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