What we're about

This meeting is for any adults with ADHD/ADD needing support, encouragement, resources and a safe place to be honest and raw with what is REALLY going on with your life and in your mind.

We meet in 2 ways - Support Group is more free flowing and conversations with the goal of awareness of ADHD and support and Workshops where we dive deep into a subject that will assist in daily management of our different brain wiring.

The struggle is REAL. I know this on a very personal level - I was diagnosed as a adult with ADD after my children were struggling terribly in school. My 3 children have ADHD, I had to find ways and resources to support them. But still, I as an adult, needed to understand how to navigate these often treacherous waters as I'd struggle daily not only for myself, but with my children.

At these meetings, I promise you will feel safe, free to speak (and interrupt, cause that's what we do, right?!! lol), free to finally be in a room full of like-minded people who are struggling with exactly the same thing you are.

Please read about who I am as the Host, the meetup organizer, ADHD mind and mother of 3 children with this disorder and several co-existing disorders I've had to and still deal with daily.

I cannot wait to meet each and every one of you.

To Your ADHD Wellness,


Your Host and Organizer

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ADHD Adult Workshop - Mastering Your Calendar

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Adults with ADHD Support Group

Koelbel Library (Arapahoe Libraries)


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