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Get some seriously focused practice by using our special English Out There materials which will help you to study some language at the start of the meetup and then guide you through your first conversations over a drink.

The materials will be handed out by your organiserand are included in the 4GBP fee.

They are usually at three different levels:


N.B. these lesson plans will change each session. You can even make requests for the next session, we have hundreds.

Use the speaking task as an ice-breaker and structured learning experience, then when you find someone you like, talk about what you want to.

Meetup with others in your area who are also interested in learning and teaching the English Language. All ages and levels of proficiency are welcome!

EOT London - small group taught classes all over London for £5 per hour

We are creating a London EOT 'collective' where students can talk to teachers and be taught by them, and teachers can earn good hourly rates and keep 95% of the course fees themselves.

So...cheap, effective, fun and sustainable English courses using free public spaces in London.

In our three EOT groups (conversation, taught lessons and teachers) we have almost 400 students and teachers.

That is a large English school.

We have 180 students being taught EOT in London this summer by a teacher, Steve Jackson, who will employ teachers from the EOT London Staffroom on Meetup.

Get active, create your own English school on here and become a collective!

Want a bit more structure to your English practice sessions? Come to our English learning and practice sessions.

Latest news:

Check out our book that Steven Pinker has endorsed! Go to:

http://www.languagesoutthere.com/articles/For-Want-Of-A-B (http://www.languagesoutthere.com/articles/For-Want-Of-A-Better-Word-endorsed-by-Steven-Pinker)...

Read the first review of our unique materials, on TEFL.net:

http://edition.tefl.net/reviews/web-sites/languages-out-t (http://edition.tefl.net/reviews/web-sites/languages-out-there/)...

Listen to an audio case study where a Chinese learner using EOT materials goes from speaking like a beginner to being a confident intermediate speaker, in just 18 hours! And scroll down to see a great comment from world famous and highly influential academic and ESL expert Professor Stephen Krashen:


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