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Come and meet some of the Free Range English team for a drink and find out about Free Range English walking tour lessons in London.

Learn about Free Range English, book online for free and Pay What You Want for some amazingly effective lessons in small groups.

Become part of an English teaching and learning revolution!

If you want some Free Range English lessons and there aren't any at the time you want, just put a note on the discussion board with the times you want to study.

The quick effect of our lessons is to boost your confidence, re-motivate you and improve your fluency...it also helps you to remember language more efficiently and hear new vocabulary.

Some typical things our clients have said...

"My teacher in Russia recommended it"
Dmitry, 40, Russia. Course length: 1 week

"It was very good, especially because the lesson aren't boring like the others"
Mari, 18, Italy. Course length: 1 week

"It is very funny to learn English at this school, when you are scared to speak with people you must visit this school"
Claudia, 35, Germany: 4 weeks

The 3 hour session involves three stages: input, activity and result. You are taught some new language, get used to it and then use it with people you have never met before. Finally you feedback to your group and your teacher. Your teacher is with you the whole time giving you materials, advice and support.

To book just visit www.FreeRangeEnglish.com (https://freerangeenglish.com)

Levels: Our levels correspond to The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). However, when we assess your level with #FRE we think about the level of your speaking and listening skills, NOT your reading and writing skills.

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Free Range English Social and Q&A Meetup


Free Range English Social and Q&A Meetup


Free Range English Social and Q&A Meetup


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