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Launched in June, 'English @ the Office' is a series of language and communication workshops held in Shanghai, by Oxford Graduate Clementine Ebel. The workshops focus on enhancing the confidence of adult learners studying English, by giving them opportunities to practice their spoken English with native speakers and learners of similar ability. Our focus is communication, confidence and cultural understanding, so the workshops offer practical tools to improve conversation skills, grammar points and new vocabulary, and explanations of key cultural differences between China, UK and the US.

The workshops are ideal for intermediate/advanced English speakers, who work for, or are interested in International companies, or just like learning about different cultures.

自从我们七月成立以来,CulturED 的 “English @ The Office”职场英语工作坊再度上线,于每周日11:00 至 13:30 在 LOFT 1900 举办。CulturED工作坊由牛津大学毕业生和教育咨询专家Clementine Ebel举办,致力于提供专业的英语文化和语言建议。我们的工作坊欢迎所有人,尤其是具有国际视野的中高水平英语学习者。

即将开始的工作坊将专注于特定职业情形下的职业技巧, 让你在职场中更自信的交流。在八周的过程中,你会学会和新同事边喝咖啡边聊天,通过陌生人发展人脉,发现新机会,顺利应对英文面试和棘手的情形。更重要的是,你将在一个非母语的环境中学习建立新的人际关系。

- Each workshop is 2.5 hours, every Sunday at 11am in the same cafe (LOFT 1900)
- The workshops focus on introducing new communication tools taught by native speakers.
- We aim to get you speaking as much as possible through role play, discussion groups and pair work.
- There will always be a grammar focus and new vocabulary added in.


1. 通过PPT介绍工作坊主题

2. 通过游戏和角色扮演练习口语

3. 语法和单词课

4. 小组讨论

5. 个人陈述:每位参与者进行3-5分钟的陈述,而其他参与者可以提出问题


Prices vary depending on whether you are buying a one-off workshop or a package of 4/8 workshops.

*THERE ARE ONLY 20 spaces so make sure you sign up early. For sign ups, send your name and a 50RMB deposit to facilitator's wechat: pippaebel or sign up to the Official Account: CulturED

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