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This group is for men and women who are curious about shifting/transforming our unconscious limitations that aren't serving us to that which serves and empowers us. As we release limiting beliefs, trapped emotions and more that have been holding us back, we gain new clarity on what truly brings us joy. When we are in alignment with following what brings us joy, life changes. We start living in a paradigm of grace and ease and our natural state of wellness and abundance is able to be expressed with more ease. We ALREADY have what we need inside of us to be all that we can be. It's simply a matter of clearing off the vines that have been holding us down so that we can truly flourish and express our true powerful self.

For instance, in my former life as a cellist in NYC, my finger suddenly turned purple and painful for no reason. Medical doctors said nothing was wrong as their tests can't see unconscious limitations. It wasn't until I found a healer 8 years later who found the energetic limitation where I didn't have permission to be successful. I was SHOCKED! Long story short, after releasing that "lie" that it's not OK for women to be successful, my finger was instantly healthy and I won my next audition. My potential was ALREADY inside me -- I just had to shift some invisible energetics on a cellular level and I was good to go.

This is possible for you too!

These circles have changed my whole outlook on life. I attended a circle and lost 5 pounds effortlessly just from releasing fear. I didn’t know that was possible. In the past, I tried weight watchers and worked hard for results. Also, my former health condition that affected my life every day in really inconvenient ways suddenly vanished. I honestly couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know this was possible for me. I feel so much more empowered. All I can say is I highly recommend this.
Erin, MA

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Letting go of the "I am not good enough" false identity.

Anytime we let go of a former or current false identity (I am not good enough in this case), it is most useful to fully grieve the loss of the former "false" identity as if we just lost our best friend so that we can FULLY embrace the new identity of truth -- "I AM enough." This event is powerful and intense so it will only be open to 4 participants. We will go through a 6 step grief process releasing all the anger and sadness and truly voicing all that needs to be voiced. The group energy makes it even more powerful. If you go full out -- you can be "done" with this process and step into that NEW "I am good enough" vibration instantly. If you go 50% of the way -- its OK -- but you will want to come back until you release ALL the anger/sadness and more. Simply reserve your spot via $45 here..... https://privatesession.as.me/DeathOfIamNotEnough ...and walk into a new possibility for yourself! Your body will be forever grateful you did! Any questions, please reach out to Tara at Tara@tarapathnet or visit www.tarapath.net

Messages from Our Body!

TARA path

Our body gives us "loving messages" to guide us to what truly serves us. For instance, when we touch a hot frying pan -- the pain we feel is there to protect us so that we move our hand ASAP. A whooping cough is a result of not being able to express yourself or guilt over what you want to say. Infertility can be the result of one feeling "in over their head" and unconscious fear of motherhood. Intestinal cramps is the result of patterns of resistance and a fear-based refusal to flow with life. This pain is simply our "hot frying pan" showing up wanting something MUCH better for us. When we transmute all these patterns that are not serving us and replace that space with Divine Light and what DOES serve us -- the wake-up call no longer needs to do its job and the pain and dis-ease can transform to harmony in our body. Space is limited to 8 participants so please reserve your spot here via $45. https://privatesession.as.me/MessagesFromOurBody "I attended a circle and lost 5 pounds effortlessly just from releasing fear. In the past, I tried weight watchers and worked hard for results. Also, my former health condition that affected my life every day in really inconvenient ways suddenly vanished. All I can say is I highly recommend these circles." Erin, MA

Creating Harmony Between the Left and Right Brain

We all have both masculine and feminine energies within ourselves yet, for most of us, they are not in balance due to the past 5,000 years living in a patriarchal society. The unconscious masculine energy shows up as a fear of change and needing to control things in order to feel safe. When in extreme imbalance -- this shows up in the body as mental illness. The unconscious feminine energy shows up as a lack of value and worthiness and in extreme cases shows up on a physical level as auto-immune disease. Within our brains, this imbalance shows up as our left brain (which likes to stick to logic an doing what is safe) oppressing our right brain (which is the space of limitless possibilities and miracles). When we heal the unconscious masculine and feminine energies and bring forth the DIVINE masculine and feminine energies within our cells -- WOW is all I can say. Our right and left brain communicate in harmony, our 3rd eye opens and we start living in the 5D! Space is limited to 8 to maintain an intimate setting. Please reserve your spot down below via $45. https://privatesession.as.me/HarmonyBrain

Effiji Breathe with Gary Lavine

TARA path

Effiji Breath Work is a therapeutic process that is meant to be used as a tool to access parts of oneself that aren’t apparent or easy to get to on the surface. It is an avenue to access the inner playground and feel into the deepest, most soulful and dynamic fibers of our being. It is a way to experience and tangibly feel your energy, detect blocks and patterns that lie in the body and discover all the inner workings that need attention. The breath helps us to release the negative symptoms, restore proper alignment, and find the proper flow for living the most full and purposeful life. Ready for change? Join us for this transformational experience. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle, yoga mat, blanket, and pillow for your comfort. (There are some blankets and a water bubbler at TARA path.) Space is limited to 10 people so please reserve your spot down below via $35 or $20 for first-timers​. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/effiji-breathwork-at-tarapath-tickets-54509949727

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Letting Go of The Rules!

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