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As the Strength of the tree depends on the depth of the roots similarly to evolve Higher in maturity, one needs to grow deeper in faith. Life is best lived when you don’t try to demystify everything about life. You are not born for this or that! You are not here to book a place in the heaven or to have a coveted award bestowed upon you! You are here for the sheer joy of being useful: after all, the only other alternative is to be useless- to be used less. It happens often in our daily living that even if you do everything that you can do in life, still nothing will seem enough. So do you think the alternative is to give up and do everything and do nothing at all in life? Even if you do that still you are not going to be at peace with yourself, because life is not about how much or how less you do but it is all about getting tossed between the paradoxical needs of having and giving and eventually gaining the maturity to discover the middle path. To help you walk on this middle path of life and to balance between the having and the giving process let’s talk about life and its various aspects. . It is going to be an open forum where we all will discuss whatever is mentioned above and of course anything apart from this that we would want to discuss. So join in this transformation of life!!!!!!!!!!

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Harsh meaning 'Happiness' is the most desirable state of mind. Indeed, all of us, consciously or subconsciously, are motivated in all we do by our need for happiness. A housewife strives for a neat and clean home, well-brought up children and a happy family for her to be happy with her own self. On the other hand husband aims to make more money so as to take care of his family. We chase money, health, fame, power, property and relationships, not for their own sake but for the satisfaction they promise.

The quest for happiness has taken mankind on many strange journeys. Many have arrived at destinations never imagined or thought. We lose our own ways and end up with rejections and sorrows. But if we live life consciously and knowing what we want rather than what others expect from us, we can end up living happily, says Harsh Arora.

An inspiring counselor for behavioral competencies and stressed relationships, he has worked with companies like GE-Countrywide, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd, Wipro BPO Solution Ltd, Hutchison Essar (now Vodafone) and American Express in various capacities. Being in different positions in multi-cultural work environment he got the opportunity to study complexities of human behavior and gain in-depth knowledge and insight experiences.

Harsh Arora a young, vivacious and highly focused trainer who conducts workshops and motivational sessions all over India, so as to bring out the best amongst people. He has taken up a responsibility to add value to people lives by motivating them to adopt the principles of happiness in form of Self Acceptance, Self Responsibility, Self Assertiveness, Purposeful Living and Personal Integrity.

Working with large network audiences with companies and institutions like Future Group, Rayat Bahra College of Engineering, Manav Rachna International University, N.R.I.B.M, Ahmadabad, Grow More Institute, Himmatnagar, Gujarat, D.A.V School, Guru Arjan Dev Institute of Management Studies, Delhi institute of Advanced Studies, Lady Shriram College of Commerce, Students, Teachers and NGO, he has developed a deep sense of understanding to tailor his message to inculcate in the listener's heart and mind.

For Harsh, he has to go a long way adding a little bit of 'Harsh' in everyone's life.

Driven by his inner desire of contributing to the society he is constantly improving people's lives by removing obstacles in their path of success and happiness.

Harsh's talks are exciting, innovative, and powerful, which gives you a tool to create passion in life and keep you hanging to every word said by him. The goal of every keynote speech differs. His goal is to educate and stimulate minds by touching the right chord of emotions, and challenge the existing boundaries of will power to make a difference and lead a positive life.

Harsh's motivational training workshops and Motivational Keynote Speeches have a deep perspective yet astounding simplicity. You will experience high energy with clear communication which touches your heart with the right message.

Anger Management, Motivation, Leadership, Positive Attitude & Self Esteem, Inculcating Effective Relationships and Human Values, Stop Fearing Start Winning, Spiritual Leadership, Relationship Management, Winning with Teamwork, Stress Management, Time Management, Success, Change, Team Building, Law of Attraction, Goal Setting & Achieving, Dealing with Failure are some topics Harsh speaks on apart from highly effective, interactive and customized workshops.

He says “I will help you to make a positive change in your life for you to say I AM ENJOYING LIFE.

Together, we can and will make a difference!!!

We welcome you to a journey of Personal Excellence by discovering and rediscovering your hidden potential to attain a life of great achievement, success and happiness.


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