What we're about

Enjoy Karaoke Together is a group for people who love to sing karaoke in different languages & meet new people at the same time. Japanese and non-Japanese speakers are both welcome.you are welcome to sing ANY songs, in ANY languages, in ANY genres as long as you can find the songs in the karaoke machine. Of course you can bring your own karaoke DVD if you want. Basically we communicate in English and Japanese. Any language levels are fine; we'll help each other. Before singing, we will have time to introduce each other. We will chat and get to know each other between the songs!

***I'd like to mention that our meetup is held in JAPANESE style; we sit in a cozy room and sing WITHOUT standing in front of people. So don't hesitate to come and sing! :) ***

We are a friendly and easy-going group. Let's enjoy the moments together!!! :D



Past events (14)

今年最後のEKT国際交流カラオケ会!Enjoy Karaoke Together Party!

Karaoke Rainbow Asakusa カラオケレインボー浅草店

EKT国際交流カラオケ定例会!Enjoy Karaoke Together Party!

Karaoke-kan Asakusa Kokusai Dori Ten カラオケ館浅草国際通り店

EKT外国語カラオケ定例会!Enjoy Karaoke Together Party!

Karaoke-kan Asakusa Kokusai Dori Ten カラオケ館浅草国際通り店

EKT reboot!! EKTが帰ってきたよ!!

karaokekan Asakusa Kaminarimon カラオケ館浅草雷門店