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Walk the Ledges Trail @ Virginia Kendall Park

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The Ledges trail in Kendall Park is beautiful ( The trail circles around a rocky plateau that has many interesting pockets along it's edge. The trail also features what appear to be glacial boulders, creating a nice damp microclimate there. Trail distance is a little over 2 miles of moderate terrain.

We also have an opportunity to walk the connecting Pine Grove trail, whose features I (unfortunately) cannot recall. This trail connects to the Ledges trail through a small intermediary trail, and has a distance of a little less than 2 miles.

Where to meet

We'll meet at the Kendall Park Parking Lot, which is in the center of the Ledges trail, marked as "Ledges" below.

What to expect

A 2.2 mile hike of moderate difficulty with great views of rock walls and boulders. An optional 1.8 mile hike of moderate difficulty may follow.


Dogs are usually fine to bring along on our hikes. If the organizer decides to disallow dogs on a particular hike, it will be stated in the hike description.

Group hiking ethic

Here are some of the basic safety protocols our group will practice while on the trail:

Since the pace of the group is dictated by it's slowest member, we will take periodic rest stops, waiting until everyone's breathing has returned to normal before continuing on. Group size will be limited to a manageable number. For a single leader, expect hikes to be limited to ~12 people. For hikes with multiple leaders present, this may increase (one leader will take "sweep", acting as the tail).
The head of the group should usually be within visual distance of the tail. If the group is too "strung out", leader will call for the head to wait so we can gather again. If another leader is acting as tail, we may allow a bit more "stretch" to the group. We will stop and gather at all trail branchings and intersections, regardless of the number of leaders present. We will not abandon you, or leave you behind.