What we're about

What we're about

We are a community of entrepreneurs and professionals interested in networking, and being trained to be more effective in all aspects of leadership. The quality of leadership plays a vital role in the success of any business and in the wellbeing of yourself and your team. This group is focused on exploring how ongoing success can be achieved through leadership based on integrity and heart. It is as relevant to all stages of leadership from the most experienced to those aspiring to become leaders.

Our work pays attention to spiritual, emotional, philosophical, and practical aspects of leadership - leading to personal and leadership breakthroughs and ever greater professional success.

In a new era of leadership, most are finding that there’s a deeper meaning to their overall purpose and reason for existing. This expands far beyond the approaches that have been taught in the traditional paradigms or even some of the most leading-edge programmes and trainings.

No matter how much application and/or successes that many leaders have experienced over the years with implementing these approaches, they haven’t been able to consistently achieve lasting results and/or take their impact to the next level.

This is because most conventional programmes only provide strategies and processes that seek to develop or advance the leader’s role of influence instead of enriching and transforming the leader as a whole. In turn, this produces limited results and does not allow for the greater potential of the leader to emerge in order to transform their life for showing up as a true genuine leader. As a result, this hinders the influence and impact that will be made on their audience.

Enlightenment, personal mastery and leadership refinement are the core components required for creating a new landscape of leadership.

We provide the following types of events:
1) Training and Education
2) Networking
3) Workshops - personal, emotional, spiritual development, Heart Centred Leadership and
4) Much, much more......

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Gina Gardiner

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