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Psychic Fair w/GDV Aura&Chakra Scan,Crystals -Last Sat of the Month(except Dec.)

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Psychic Fair with GDV Energy Field (Aura) & Chakra scans, Uniquely Programmed Crystals for Sale to be held at our "Sunshine Cathedral NEW Location"

12p-4pm Monthly Psychic Fair *Last Saturday monthly except Dec.* This is a fundraiser for the Metaphysical Chapel


First come, first serve. Advance reservations not taken.

- $15/15 minute reading. Astrology, Tarot Readings, Psychic and Mediumship Readings and more!

- GDV Camera Scans for Measurement of Energetic Wellness, by Katy and Tim Simmone, assistant organizers of this meetup

- Products for your Energetic Wellness, by Katy & Tim Simmone

Programmed Crystals, including Programmed Chakra sets, Orgonites, Medical Grade Aromatherapy Oils and More !

Quartz Crystals- There are Grade A clear, icosahedron-shaped quartz crystals that have been uniquely programmed with an IDF (Intrinsic Date Field) machine by Tim Simmone, assistant organizer of this meetup & independent researcher. They contain over 100,000 tunings for safe and gently energy healing on physical, emotional, spiritual & emotional levels, for past, present and future. The crystals have been programmed for comprehensive attunement of a person's energetic anatomy including the chakras, meridians, auric layers and other energetic bodies.

Chakra Stone Sets - uniquely programmed chakra stones for each of the major 7 chakras. They have been cleared of lower vibrational energy and then charged with love and light. In addition, each chakra stone has been specifically attuned with special key programmings for that chakra.

These tunings that are stored in the crystal are then emitted from the crystal, They create a beneficial, gentle subtle energetic field around the crystal and positively influence all that is within the field. The crystals can be put in your pockets and/or around your work area or personal space and held during meditations and used in healing sessions for maximum continued effectiveness.

About the GDV Camera

GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) cameras are used for research & in medical facilities outside the US & in holistic centers. This is a very high tech, powerful piece of equipment based on Kirlian photography & developed over years of research & study by by PHDs, scientists, biophysicists & mathematicians. By scanning each finger & the use of complex software, computer images aregenerated of your energyfield (aura) & your 7 major chakras. These are not photos but computer generated images.

$40- includes a scan of one's fingers, then one can choose whether they want to receive computer generated image color printouts of their energy field (aura), OR of one's 7 major chakra system. It also includes a review where we explain what the images mean in regards to your energetic wellness & vitality and a detailed report for you to take home.

$55 - includes a scan of the one's fingers and computer generated image color printouts of one's own energy field (aura) AND their 7 major chakra system. It also includes a review with where we explain what the images mean in regards to your energetic wellness & vitality and a detailed report for you to take home.

Scanning Fingers with GDV Camera

Aura Image with GDV Camera

7 Major Chakras Image with GDV Camera

Please contact Katy or Tim through this meetup site with any questions on the GDV scans or programmed crystals.

**NOTICE** We will be using the smaller chapel located in the back of this property on its SOUTH EAST side ( facing SW 15th St) - specifically inside the Robert S. Graham, MD and Paul Fasana Chapel (NOT the Large Main Sanctuary in front of this property)

Always seeking Readers! Email us for more information

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