What we're about

This group is for anyone looking to get inspired by the human connection and knowledge

I am a Student Clinician at Bastyr University and reside on campus

I was born in this Land of the Americas

I have been raised in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates;

My parents are first generation Pakistani

My late grandparents were Hindustani

My elders belong to the Ansaari and Qureshi tribes of the Medina and Mecca respectively.

I am Muslim

In 2010 I shifted from Abu Dhabi to Plano, Texas to initiate my undergraduate education in Biology

in 2015 I graduated with a degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology

postgraduation I served in Americorps and life coached South Asian refugees in an underserved middle school

I shifted to Houston in 2016 where my sister gave birth to my first nephew --

In Houston, for 6 months I served as an intervention tutor in two inner-city public schools

soon after, in the summer of 2016, I returned to Abu Dhabi just before the Trump election

In Abu Dhabi, I served as a Marketing Researcher surveying food businesses

I returned to Texas in February 2017 where then I road tripped with my partner to New Mexico and interned at the Earthship Biotecture community

I then relocated to Houston in the summer of 2017 where I then served as a Syrian Refugee Youth instructor with a mental health organization

in July I interviewed at Bastyr for the Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine Program - I was accepted

In September 2017 I took a road trip from Texas to Kenmore, Washington

I am going into my second year and have been learning amazing things that I would like to share with the public

I have journeyed and visited about 23 countries ---

I have been around the world physically, and spiritually and would like to share my wisdom and observations with like-minded people.


This group is meant to connect people from all over because when it comes down to it we are all reflections of each other and we all have information that connects all our dots that we hold in our celestial forms

I believe in the philosophy that everyone is a doctor and everyone is a healer and I lead in that way as well, During these sessions, I will be sharing health advice/spiritual knowledge as well as seeking some for my own

This group is dedicated to Sharing and Celebrating all Knowledge that is not unique to the All-Knowing that is within us

We are here to celebrate






The Universe



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Soul Circle

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Soul Circle

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Soul Circle

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