What we're about

This group is a gsthering circle for those whom are experiencing, or are curious about the process of awakening. This circle is a space where individuals can share their awakening experiences, offer information and suggestions to others for the purpose of support and oneness in the transformation of Gaia.

We are open to all truths and support the essential emotional healing that is required on the path to a higher vibrational existence.

We will explore any topic that supports personal growth including the teachings of Teal Swan, Eckhart Tolle and others, ancient practices such as yoga, Reiki energy healing as well as science as it begins to discover the truth of the universe.

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First Enlightenment Circle Meetup!!

Bank Square Coffee House

Our first actual gathering of Enlightenment Circle members! Lets get to know each other! This location seems like a good one, but depending on how many commit to attend we could be too many for this location SO, if anyone has ideas for a bigger space please comment, I'd like to have options. Also, please comment on topics for discussion, this should be a get-to-know you event but I also would like to have a topis or two to focus on.

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Please join my Facebook group of the same name!

Needs a location

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